Zach Calhoon – The Virtual Tour Profit System

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Product Name: Zach Calhoon – The Virtual Tour Profit System
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Zach Calhoon – The Virtual Tour Profit System

Zach Calhoon - The Virtual Tour Profit System

Virtual Tour Profit System

Learn From 23,000 CloudPano VR Entrepreneurs

Create a profitable 360°/VR Agency thats scales.
Then learn how to outsource the tasks of your entire business and step away while still pocketing the lion’s share of the revenue.
Get paid monthly recurring revenue for a job you did once and make a passive, residual income.
Set your own schedule, be your own boss, and start earning FAST!

The Golden Age of Virtual Reality and 360º

Has Arrived

Hey there! Zach Calhoon here.

You might know from history class that in the 1920s, radio went from novelty to global adoption.

In the ‘50s, the same thing happened to television. And now the 2020s is ushering in the widespread use of virtual reality and an untapped diamond mine of opportunity is coming with it.

Today, 360º media and VR is still new and exciting. And it doesn’t matter who you are, or how technologically basic you may be. By following a few simple steps, you can make a killing by being among the few VR providers in your local market. A VR revolution is here, are you ready?

Anyone Could Do This And Make Serious Money.

Even With Zero Experience.

You don’t have to be “techy” whatsoever. I’m not. Some of our members have no business or tech experience. In fact, not being a tech person actually makes you better at this business because it makes you more approachable and focused on the practical stuff (getting results for your clients).

Meet the Virtual Tour Profit System (VTPS)

VTPS is a roadmap to your first $10,000 as a digital media service provider.

You’ll learn how to photograph a venue, room or real estate and get the exclusive access to VR software.

But this isn’t just some technical course.

Equally important is learning how to find, attract, and close new business.

Because if you’ve ever operated a startup before, you know it’s not just about having the skills.

It’s about having the clients.

That’s why included with VTPS is all the resources you’ll ever need – from cold approach emails to websites to lists of businesses to sell too.

You can literally cut and paste your way to success.

Built On Results


A Step by Step Framework

Stephen Farrel – Baltimore Maryland

CEO of Clover Sky Media

“Closes 5 Clients in 5 Days With VTPS.”

Andy Crozier – United Kingdom

Owner of Insight Photography

“Got Started In 3 Weeks With VTPS”

Local Businesses Are Desperate For A Way To Stand Out And Attract Fresh Eyeballs

…And virtual reality tours are like a shortcut for these businesses to attract buyers.



Event spaces…

Vacation homes for rent…

Boats, breweries, nursing homes, anything…

All sorts of businesses are happy to pay you $500 to $2,000 for half an afternoon of work.

Because even though it’s easy (and trust me, it really is easy) you’re offering something not only valuable, but something NEW.

A virtual tour is an immersive, sexy way to learn about a business that truly sets it apart.

Imagine being one of the very first businesses to advertise on TV in the 1940s.

The technology is incredibly persuasive, and incredibly valuable.

With a VR tour, prospects can scope out businesses with a level of convenience the competitors can’t match.

Build A Business Asset In 4 Steps

We created VTPS not just to be a business where you can trade time for money.

We created it so it can make money work for you independently of your effort or input.

Like a chain of dominos, you can just tap it into motion and back away, and the company keeps going (while of course you take home the money).

We’ve distilled your entire process into 4 simple steps to get up and running:

1) PRESELL. Narrow down who your customers are. Find out their “pain points” – i.e., how you can scratch their itch with VR photography. (Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to do this and even give you 70+ hungry industries to choose from.)

2) BUILD YOUR TEAM. Now you simply recruit people to do the work. They’ll pick up the phone, photograph the businesses, do the bookkeeping…everything. We have a step-by-step guide about where to find hired help, how much to pay them, and how to train them, but of course you can do it yourself if you want to, and many do.

3) SCALE UP YOUR MARKETING. We give you a website. We give you the marketing content. We even give you emails to send to strangers and phone call scripts that will have people inviting you in.

4) UPSELL. How can you turn a single $800 job into a $100 per month recurring revenue stream where you don’t lift a finger? It’s automatic and businesses are happy to pay it. This is where things really get fun.

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