Z-Health – R-Phase-Rehabilitation – RE-Education

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Z-Health – R-Phase-Rehabilitation – RE-Education

Z-Health - R-Phase-Rehabilitation - RE-Education

Designed to provide the best entry point and transition from where you are to a neurocentric approach to your work, and look at pain and performance through a neural lens, it will immediately change your practice and training!
Included with your Purchase: Practical Intensive Webinar Series
After you complete your purchase of R-Phase, you will receive an invitation to sign up for the Practical Intensive Series. The series will consist of weekly interactive webinars for 3 weeks. Our next R-Phase Practical Intensive Series begins June 15th!
Included with your Purchase: Training Products and Introductory Courses
With your purchase, you will receive access to our Vision, Balance, and Strength Gym programs, as well as the complete Essentials of Elite Performance course!
What You’ll Learn
Fundamentals of applied functional pain and performance neurology that you will use in every client session for the rest of your career.
Sensorimotor integration principles for high-speed pain and performance changes.
Neurocentric assessments for laser-focused client programming.
How to transition clients and your business from a biomechanical model to a neurocentric model.

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