Yulia Hanansen – Layered Mosaics with Yulia Hananse

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Yulia Hanansen - Layered Mosaics with Yulia Hananse

Yulia Hanansen – Layered Mosaics with Yulia Hananse

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Layered Mosaics with Yulia Hanansen

Learn how to create a layered mosaic with stained glass.

Have you been looking for a way to enhance your knowledge of contemporary mosaic techniques that pushes the boundaries of traditional mosaic art? Then this course is for you! We are so excited to bring this unique and innovative approach for creating mosaic art to our online platform. For the first time, Yulia Hanansen shares her signature technique of layered stained glass mosaic exclusively with Mosaic Arts Online.
In this online course, Yulia starts from the beginning by explaining how to choose the proper image for this process. Once the image is chosen Yulia demonstrates the best substrate for this process and how to transfer the design. Once the design is transferred, she goes in-depth on the different qualities of stained glass and how to choose your color palette. After the color palette is chosen for both the base layer and the layering technique, Yulia demonstrates how to cut the stained glass into elongated brush-stroke cuts and describes the best tools for this process. She will go over how to control your cuts to get the best results for this technique. She will also cover the structural aspects of building up an image in a layered glass technique, and how to produce different effects.
There is so much information in this two and a half hour instructional course, and you will watch Yulia’s hands at work as she completes her piece on camera. You will learn to control the flow of the tesserae, and learn how to stack them up for a relief effect. Mastering this technique can be a very liberating and innovative way to create your own versions of mosaic art.
This course comes with a full downloadable PDF with all the tools, materials and resources to get started.
An important note regarding the adhesive recommended for this online course: Layered glass mosaics glued with Weldbond glue are recommended for the interior spaces only. Weldbond is a strong reliable glue, however it is not waterproof or water resistant and therefore outdoor use is not recommended. Other adhesives such as thin-set mortar have been tested with this technique for the outdoors before, however Yulia only recommends this for freeze-free areas with minimum exposure to the elements. Some techniques are just made for the indoors!
“Absolutely enjoyed this course. Thank you!” Jacalyn C.