Women, Trauma & Mental Health Online CPD Course

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Product Name: Women Trauma & Mental Health Online CPD Course
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Women, Trauma & Mental Health Online CPD Course

The Premier Gathering of Trauma Therapists and Innovators,
Dedicated to Helping Women Heal

The horrifying truth is that violence and trauma are so pervasive, all women are affected by them in some way.
And the way women experience trauma is unique. Their posttraumatic symptoms last longer, they’re more sensitive to triggers …
… and they’re often victims of recurrent assault and abuse from someone who’s close to them, such as their spouse, partner, or close family member.
As a therapist, you’ve likely seen the signs and symptoms of trauma in your female clients:
anxiety  •  shame  •  anger  •  depression  •  insomnia  •  nightmares
suicidal behaviours  •  difficulty with intimate relationships  •  eating disorders

Your calling is to help these clients heal from their pain and distress, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder,
“What exactly can I do?”
That’s why we’re bringing together the best female trauma pioneers in the world for the first time ever…in this important and timely course.
Join us, along with hundreds of your peers, for a rare and exciting opportunity to train with the trauma experts whose time-tested treatment models and thinking are unparalleled in creating lasting change and recovery.
You’ll discover some of the field’s most effective treatment methods, directly from the innovators who perfected them, including:
Judith Herman: world-leading trauma expert and author, developer of the Complex PTSD diagnosis
Pat Ogden: creator of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy method and a pioneer in somatic psychology
Janina Fisher: internationally renowned author, shame and complex trauma expert
Babette Rothschild: somatic trauma therapy pioneer, best-selling author and leading educator
Julia Samuel: UK bestselling author and acclaimed psychotherapist
Eboni Webb: esteemed international DBT trainer and expert speaker on racial and transgenerational trauma
And many more!
Register now and discover how to transform painful, traumatic experiences into powerful opportunities for healing, well-being and growth.
Exclusive BONUS Sessions with your registration –a $129 value!
Essential Trauma Treatment Strategies: The Importance of Orienting and Defensive Responses
Join world-renowned expert and the developer and pioneer of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Pat Ogden, PhD as we discuss what every therapist needs to know, the importance of orienting and defensive responses in the treatment of trauma. Discover and learn:
How trauma is stored in the body-mind
How to transform your practice by understanding the importance of orienting and defensive responses
Why immobilised responses need to complete to heal trauma
How boundaries are impacted as a result of trauma and how they can be reinstated
Shame – The Meaning of Shame in the Treatment of Trauma
Join world renowned trauma and attachment expert Janina Fisher, PhD as we discuss the meaning of shame in traumatic experience. Discover and learn:
The role of shame in traumatic experience
Why shame is hard to overcome
Shame as it relates to gender
Essential strategies for treating shame and trauma
And so much more!

Complex Trauma – Advances in Working with Structural Dissociation
Join internationally renowned author, trainer and consultant Kathy Steele, MN, CS for an innovative discussion on understanding the latest advances in structural dissociation as well as treating complex trauma. Join us and learn:
The role of shame in traumatic experience
Understanding the structural dissociation model
Fragmentation as an adaption to trauma
The difference between blended and fragmented parts
Contraindications of not using the stabilisation model
A Mind-Body Approach to Race-Based Traumatic Stress Recovery
Join Gail Parker, PhD and explore a mind/body approach to stress reduction and trauma recovery from race-based traumatic stress. Join us and learn:
Restorative Yoga supports embodied awareness and enhances an overall sense of well-being. It eases stress, aids in trauma recovery, and is an effective adjunct to psychotherapy.
When you lose the ability to recognise it for what it is, abusive and traumatising, and learn to tolerate the intolerable, the unacknowledged pain does not disappear; it just goes underground and can express itself in ways that zap your vitality and make it difficult to live your best life.
The emotional wounds of race-based trauma land in the body. The resulting pain is not a cognitive experience and recovery cannot occur by talk therapy alone. Sometimes in the face of race-based trauma there are no words to describe the experience, and talking about it can be re-traumatising.

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