Wendy Patton – Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal

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Product Name: Wendy Patton – Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal
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Wendy Patton - Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal

Wendy Patton – Real Estate Wealth Building Arsenal

“An Essential tool for Your Real Estate Investing System”Think about the super successful people you’ve heard of. What sets them apart from everyone else? Here’s their secret: they keep doing the thing they are good at and the money just flows in. They have a system and they keep working it.There are two ways to be just like them. The hard way is to start from ground zero with trial and error, which can be very expensive, learning from the “school of hard knocks”. The other way is to plug in to someone else’s tried and proven methods. That’s exactly what you will get with Wendy. With her system, you will get it all:Wendy’s system is a proven formula to show you how to invest with NONE of your own money or credit and earn an average of $27,580.00 per transaction. How to tap into the hidden sources of leads for lease options and subject to deals in your own hometown. Learn the easy way to build a network of people calling you when they spot the right deals. Wendy will show you how to analyze deals in a flash. Why agonize over the numbers and worry whether you have analyzed them correctly? Using Wendy Patton’s system immediately separates the winners from the dogs.The magic words to say when talking to sellers. It’s not negotiating – it’s just talking. You’ll see how easy it is to have a chat with a seller, and in a few minutes, you’ll either have a deal or you won’t. No sweat. In fact, part of Wendy’s system includes 3 CDs, which allows you to eavesdrop on Wendy talking to sellers, Realtors and buyers. Just by listening to these CDs, you’ll be embedding Wendy’s successful techniques in your head.How to gather a team of experts so you will succeed. A good system means not having to do everything yourself. This is especially important if you are short on time. You’ll find out how to tap into a few experts to make your deals come together smoothly.The many ways you’ll profit. One of the great things about lease options and subject tos is that they don’t use your own money or credit, but they create multiple profit streams – some at the beginning, some while the deal is ongoing, and then a big payday at the end. Imagine all this on top of the tax benefits!Wendy walks you through each way her system will make you money. Here’s what you get: 1) Buying with Lease Options 2) Selling on Lease Options 3) Working with Realtors 4) Taking the Deed Subject To Wendy’s formula does NOT require any of your own cash. She will teach you exactly how to control real estate with lease options and subject tos – NOT CASH!Her formula does NOT require any of your credit. Someone else has already qualified for the mortgage – you never have to!

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All of her legal contracts are translated into real English. Wendy will walk you through every single piece of paperwork that you need, and make you into a junior attorney! Students say, “Now I actually understand real estate paperwork – for the first time ever!”While other investors are writing checks and putting their own money at risk you will be keeping all of your cash in your pocket and using a piece of paper instead!This is Wendy’s entire lease option and subject to system all in one package deal for you!Her experience in the little or no down real estate surpasses anyone in the industry. As a bonus for purchasing this course you also receive Wendy’s books: