Wendy De Rosa – Intuitive Heart Program course

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Product Name: Wendy De Rosa – Intuitive Heart Program course
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Wendy De Rosa – Intuitive Heart Program course

Wendy De Rosa - Intuitive Heart Program course


Finally …

An opportunity to open your heart to the truth of who you really are, embrace your authentic, intuitive nature, and receive Divine messages that support your personal healing and accelerate your Spiritual Growth.

Do you ever get the feeling that your soul is longing to expand and grow?

Does it sometimes feel that you are waiting for information from a higher power?

Or perhaps you’ve been receiving these messages, yet have never felt confident in following these nudges from the divine.

These are signs that now is the time for you to step into the next stage of your healing and growth!

Imagine what it would feel like to …

  • Clear the emotional blocks that have been, until now, in the way of your heart’s intuition.
  • Nurture Divine Self so that your intuition can come through in a more powerful way.
  • Finally understand that the struggles you have been through, and transform them into the doorways into expanding your spiritual heart and living your calling in the world.
  • Uncover who you really are… at your core!

Listen to your heart. Be a part of something expansive, something nurturing, and a re-education your soul is longing for.

The Intuitive Heart Program, an opportunity to awaken and open your heart, is a 4-stage journey deep into your Spiritual Heart.

Your heart is the portal through which your intuition communicates. As you open your heart, spiritual heart to greater and greater degrees over the course of the journey, the information you receive becomes more clear, more profound, more life changing!

You will experience in simple yet profound steps exactly how to clear the blocks to your heart’s intuition, so that you can live from a sense of spiritual empowerment.

In this self-study program, you will receive teachings, resources and tools for how to develop your intuition, open your heart, and clear your emotional blocks like you probably never have before so you can support and accelerate your personal healing and spiritual growth.

The program is intended to be a 6-8 week journey but that is highly variable. While few finish in less time, many choose to savor the teachings and practices and reach the end of the program in their own right and perfect time.

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The Intuitive Heart Program: Opportunity to Open Your Heart includes 4 Stages of Opening Taught in 6 Modules

Module 1:Introduction and the Anatomy of the Soul

Module 2: The Initial Heart Opening

Module 3:Unraveling Chaos

Module 4:Healing

Module 5:The Intuitive Heart

Module 6: Contemplative Being and Integration

Bonus 1:

Wendy’s teaching on the 1st Chakra from The Intuitive Healer Program including a clearing and grounding meditation, instruction on the energetic anatomy and physiology of this chakra, yoga practices to support First Chakra healing and function, my insights on how to get the most from your meditation and more!

Bonus 2:

A 1-month membership to the Divine Healing Inner Circle, where you will receive deep guided healing from Spirit Guides and Angels via a monthly call.

Your FREE 1-month membership will at the beginning of the month after you purchase.

Bonus 3:

A digital copy of my book, Expanding Your Heart – Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening.

As you move through the Intuitive Heart Program, you’ll be able to turn to this book to support your process in the program!

ABOUT Wendy De Rosa

Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Practitioner

Wendy De Rosa is international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. For the past two decades, she has offered private sessions, education and training programs for spiritual and personal growth for anyone wanting to develop their intuition, clear their blocks, and experience personal transformation. She is the founder of The School of Intuitive Studies and The Intuitive Healer Training Program.

Wendy has filmed two programs for Mindvalley.com’s spiritual growth channel Soulvana and she is a faculty member of The Shift Network. She has appeared on CBS News/Better Connecticut four times and her book Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing is an Amazon Best-Seller.

Wendy is also a contributing author to the Best-Selling book, Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Bryan Tracy, John Assaraf and other leaders in personal growth. Out now is Wendy’s 3rd book, Expanding Your Heart: Awakening through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening.