Wendy De Rosa – Expanding Powers of Intuition for Sensitives & Empaths

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Wendy De Rosa - Expanding Powers of Intuition for Sensitives & Empaths

Wendy De Rosa – Expanding Powers of Intuition for Sensitives & Empaths

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-part transformational intensive, Wendy will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies you’ll need to access, develop, and apply your intuitive gifts.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Wendy. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to build your intuitive skills.

Module 1: Empathic Intuition
Grounding in Your Intuitive Self


Of the four intuitive senses, empathic intuition, aka clairsentience, enables us to heal and transform through our relationships. And yet, as an empath, you may take this energy into your body, disabling a deep connection to Self.

Your true nature is to express empathy, using your innate gift of perceiving energy, while holding a strong sense of yourself.

Empowered empaths have learned how to ground themselves in their lower body so they can trust the information they feel — whether it’s intuiting the “elephant in the room,” reading other people’s emotions, or the emotional temperature of a situation.

Accessing the full range of your body’s intuitive powers requires you to clear any energy blockages and ground yourself in the root, second, and third chakras, where your primary intuitive sense as an empath resides.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Insights into why as an empath you may “ground the world” at the expense of your own grounding
  • The keys to creating the ideal energetic conditions in your system to support all 4 aspects of your intuition
  • How to heal and transform through your relationships — and hold your energy as an empowered empath
  • A guided healing to detox others’ energy and ground in your empathic, intuitive Self

Module 2: Beyond Empathic Intuition
Opening to All 4 Powers of Intuition


Being an empath can create a sense of confusion, which can then muddle your intuition and your power. When you begin to sense in your body your clairsentient, claircognizant, clairvoyant, and clairaudient abilities — and clear the energy blocks in the chakras where these intuitive powers live — your system can relax and reorganize around true intuitive nature.

With your innate empathic abilities, you can teach others the value — and necessity — of empathy and how to be in relationship in a grounded way. Wendy teaches that ultimately, empaths will move human consciousness into a higher expression of truth and love.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A deeper perspective on the chakras as doorways to different forms of intuition
  • How clairsentience works in your body — and a process for identifying where you may have blocks in this area
  • Practices to protect your lower chakras while sensing and reading energy
  • “Psychic hits”, seeing spirits, or connection to the “other side” are not actually empathic intuition — but intuitive powers associated with your upper body
  • A guided healing to open you to the process of connecting to your empathic intuition, and an energetic connection to the four “clairs” in your body

Module 3: Claircognizance
Accessing Your Inner Teacher for Trust & Faith


Claircognizance is best described as “I don’t know why or how I know this… I just know.”  For empaths, a lack of claircognizance can result in weak boundaries, low self-worth, and a deep disconnection from the Divine. Without this intuitive sense, the body may react by creating illness, losing life force, and manifesting other physical symptoms. The claircognizance sense relates to body sensations, physical responses to intuition, gut feelings, and a deep sense of knowing.

Strengthening your claircognizance sense, which is associated with the back side of the body and the third and fourth chakras, supports physical healing and a strong spiritual backbone — by opening the pathways of trust in the world and Self, and faith in a higher power.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Where claircognizance resonates most in your energy system
  • A practice to help you distinguish claircognizance from clairsentience
  • Physical symptoms or energetic releases that indicate that your knowing sense is communicating with you
  • Prayer and awareness through chakra healing — to restore energies of trust and faith in your body
  • A movement and somatic practice to strengthen the knowing sense in your body
  • How to restore life force in your body so that your physical body can heal and intuition can be clear

Module 4: Clairaudience
Listening Intuitively & Freeing Your Voice


Your clairaudient sense is held in the fifth (throat) chakra. This sense is best described as hearing or listening intuitively and bringing truth into the world through expression. Divine guidance through music, vibrations, or messages from angels or spirit guides are received through the clairaudient sense.

This sense is often underdeveloped in many empaths, which can restrict the empath’s inner and outer voice, and suppress their emotions. In this transformative module, Wendy will guide you in a deep healing to free your voice and connect to intuitive listening, making space for more spiritual downloads and higher guidance.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The clairaudient sense — and practices to strengthen your ability to listen intuitively
  • The throat chakra’s purpose in your healing and in your relationship with the Divine
  • The difference between intuitive listening in your higher body and your lower body
  • Communication is vital to your ability to clear the energy in the fifth chakra and open to its intuitive power
  • A guided experience to promote deep listening, clear your throat chakra, and connect you with higher guidance
  • How techniques such as writing can develop your clairaudient powers

Module 5: Clairvoyance
Developing Your Psychic & Visionary Perception


Clairvoyance has long been associated with the capacity to see the unseen and see into the future. This sense is actually more nuanced than that. Clairvoyance, the sense of the sixth chakra (also known as the “third eye”) is the ability to intuitively see images, as well as to see higher possibilities for oneself, others, and the world. It’s the sense of heightened awareness, faith in whatever is unfolding, and unification with the Divine.

Clairvoyance relates to the sixth chakra and receiving heightened awareness through perception, pictures, and images. When the lower chakras (affecting clairsentience) are not embodied or clear, the clairvoyance sense can be affected. This module will give you an overview of clairvoyant intuition and how it relates to the lower chakras.

In this module, you’ll experience:

  • The difference between psychic, empathic, and whole-body intuition
  • How your body processes emotions clairvoyantly — and healing practice to clear blocks in your sixth chakra
  • The link between your sixth chakra and your empathic intuition (chakras 2 and 3), which is the key to creating and holding boundaries
  • Skills to develop your clairvoyance for manifesting and opening to more intuitive knowing (claircognition)
  • A guided practice that will help you read energy clairvoyantly

Module 6: Reading Energy Intuitively (Without Taking It On!)


It is possible to read energy without taking it on. When there’s a deep connection to your lower body and an awareness of how the four aspects of intuition relate to each other, your intuitive senses work together, guiding you to recognize what’s helpful and meant to be seen — in alignment with your soul’s unfolding.

In this module, you’ll be given a practice on how to intuitively read or sense energy without taking it on. This skill can be helpful in interactions in which the default dynamic may be merging your energy with the energy of others. This method of reading energy will support you in staying grounded and connected to yourself as you engage with other people.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • Your intuitive senses can support you in conflict, arguments, or emotional projection with a loved one
  • How to stay safe and grounded in a room that feels energetically overwhelming
  • Clairvoyance as protection for your empathic power centers
  • The role of concealment — when and why it’s appropriate to read energy and when it’s not
  • What to do with the expansion of intuitive sensing so it doesn’t turn into overwhelm
  • Guided practices that empower you to read energy from a centered, grounded place

Module 7: The Unapologetic Empath
Embracing the Full Range of Your Intuitive Powers


Intuition is your energy system conveying information. You don’t need a reason to validate your intuition. Having a gut feeling, a sense, a knowing, or an awareness is enough. This final module will support you in normalizing your intuition as a real aspect of who you are.  Being more than an empath means knowing that the light of your soul communicates through your system in many ways — and that the insights you receive play a part in shifting the collective consciousness.

In this final module, you’ll:

  • Fully embrace all of your intuitive senses
  • Experience a full-body practice in reading energy from all 4 clairs
  • Receive a deep, guided healing to help you integrate the 4 clair senses
  • Discover keys to living unapologetically intuitively and sharing your gifts for your own and others’ healing

The Expanding Your Powers of Intuition Bonus Collection

(Valued at Over $200.00!)

In addition to Wendy’s transformative 7-part virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful bonuses. These bonus materials complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Clearing the Energy of Others From the Past & Present to Make Room for Your Divine Self
Guided Audio Healing From Wendy De Rosa


Are you feeling energetically overloaded lately? Sensitive people do feel and often pick up the energy around them… yet there’s a deeper intelligence behind this. Taking on the energy of others around you is mirroring what needs to be cleared within you and what aspects of your Divine Self need to be seen. This guided healing takes you on a deep inner journey to clear what blocks you from your true essence and who you are here to be. You’ll be guided into a profound energy clearing to release the energy of others and allow your Divine Self to express its true radiance.

Balancing Faith and Trust Between the Root & Crown Chakras
Video Teaching From Wendy De Rosa


In this session, you’ll learn how faith, a power of the crown chakra, needs to be balanced with trust, a power of the root chakra, in order for the body to heal and manifest your true being in the world. This session also includes a clearing of the Pillar of Light in the body.

Are You an Empath?: How to Reclaim Your Center & Stop Absorbing the World Around You
Video Interview With Stephanie Briggs


In this interview, Wendy explains in depth what’s happening in the energetic body as it relates to being an empath, and why nurturing the feminine power in the body supports healthy empathic intuition. In this talk, Wendy answers the questions, “What is an empath and why are people experiencing oversensitivity?” and “How does an empath stay centered in a chaotic world?”

Discover Your Empathic Nature
Foundational Video Teaching & Guided Healing With Wendy De Rosa


This special teaching with Wendy De Rosa, which you’ll receive upon registration, will give you a powerful overview of the distinct wounds, challenges, and energy patterns which are common to overly empathic people.

You’ll discover how energy blocks form in childhood (and your younger consciousness) and are held in the body, including wounds of family, religious, and cultural lineages. Wendy then guides you in a deep healing and clearing of blocks held in your lower body. You’ll emerge from this guided healing with a stronger sense of Self and more grounded in your own wisdom and power.

Energy Anatomy
Video Teaching From Wendy De Rosa


This video provides a description of the grounding cord, pillar of light, chakras, and aura that make up the energetic anatomy through which much of Wendy’s work is based on.