Vrinda Normand – Stand Out And Sizzle Virtual Retreat 2015

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Product Name: Vrinda Normand – Stand Out And Sizzle Virtual Retreat 2015
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Vrinda Normand – Stand Out And Sizzle Virtual Retreat 2015

Vrinda Normand – Stand Out And Sizzle Virtual Retreat 2015

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I want to acknowledge you for being committed to growing your business and helping more people. You have so much wisdom and value to share – you are needed!

I believe you have a Divine Purpose to change lives with your message. It’s time to expand your reach online with marketing videos, so you can make the difference your heart is craving.

“You know, deep down, that it’s time to expand your business online…”

But right now, you’re running into some challenges…

  • You’re struggling to fill your programs – people just aren’t responding
  • You’re frustrated with low marketing results and your web pages just sit there getting ignored
  • You have a new program to offer and you’re unclear about how to fill it online
  • You’re unsure where to start and you don’t want to waste time or money on a website that doesn’t work
  • You feel nervous or awkward on camera – you’re not sure what to say
  • You’re unclear how to make your videos engaging, so people keep watching
  • You tried using online videos but they flopped – and you don’t know why

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

“If you’re not using videos to grow your business, you’re missing out on THE most powerful strategy to get noticed and make sales online.”

You’ve got to stay current to stay ahead of the competition, and videos are the best way to do this.

I have the proven formula to make your marketing videos easy, fun and irresistible. You can totally do this.

I’ll show you how to make your website a client attraction machine that works FOR you – all the time. You can get sales 24-7, even when you’re on vacation!

How Videos Grew my Business to 7-Figures…

I want to tell you a quick story of how I launched my business to the next level with videos.

Back in 2009, I had a coaching business helping entrepreneurs write irresistible copy for their web pages. I loved what I was doing… and yet I felt like I was playing too small.

I couldn’t help very many people working only in 1-1 sessions, and that felt unfulfilling because I knew I was meant for more.

One day I was doing some soul searching, looking outside my window. At the time I lived in a cute cottage with a pretty view of the forest.

I was making enough money to be comfortable but I realized that my business was about so much more. I needed to make a bigger impact and reach more people to fully live my divine purpose.

So in that moment, I committed 100% to growing to the next level, with group programs and expanding my online presence.

And of course once I decided that, the perfect mentors and resources showed up to support me.

I created my first marketing videos and launched my group programs. Within a year, I tripled my business. Then I kept doubling until I was making over 7-figures a year, serving 1,000’s of clients in over 10 countries around the world.

I DOUBLED my online sales when I added effective videos to my website!

Now I feel SO fulfilled, and my quality of life is way better. I live in a beautiful new home on 4 acres in the Santa Cruz mountains on the California coast. I have many incredible views of the redwood forest and the waterfall on my property.

I love being able to work from home, and most weeks I work just part-time. I’ve got plenty of freedom to be with my husband Jason and my family and friends.

I want you to have everything that fills you up, amazing health, relationships, free time to be with your friends and family and a successful business.

You need to feel full of energy and abundance to be an irresistible messenger.

“Having a great lifestyle is a requirement to growing a lucrative online business that lasts.”

You CAN have it all – and you deserve it!

Stand Out and Sizzle LIVE helps you create your enticing online presence that fills your programs and makes a big impact.

At this event, you’ll learn the video marketing secrets behind my successful 6-figure program launches and get crystal clear on the exact video series you need to create.

To start getting noticed online and stand out above the competition, you need these 7 key stages to create videos that captivate clients.