VerDarLuz CelestiOwl – Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – The Water Element

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Product Name: VerDarLuz CelestiOwl – Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – The Water Element
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Tantra and Sacred Sexuality – The Water Element

Course Description


As a student and teacher of both  Tantra Yoga and  Sacred Sexuality,  I became frustrated with a lack of clarity around the term -tantra in the public. In this course we begin by elucidating  the differences, but also connections, between Tantra – a philosophy and ritual practice from India, and Neo-Tantra – a modern movement in sacred sexuality and enhanced intimacy.

Following this, our course focuses on awakening to the core of Tantric teaching-embodying divine presence in each moment-through specific practices of sacred sexuality. We concentrate on the element of WATER for the content of our practices.

Water is an element of supreme sensuality, and of course, we are composed of %75 Water.

In this course, you will learn how to use WATER as an erotic vocabulary to write the poetry of your union in partnership, whether you’re dating, in a serious relationship, or even single seeking more tools to grow as a sexual being.

We first address issues of when to do these practices, with whom, and how to create safe containers with conscious agreements between each other. We then move into the juicy content, where we explore how to practice, and play, with the water Element as you share Love. You will learn the following:

  • Meditation journey with the Water
  • Merge your energies by Sharing the Water Breath
  • How to hold, caress, and massage each other with the tenderness of the Water element
  • Create safety and connection with Womb Pulsing
  • Sacred Movement with Water, including  Qi Gong and the Water Dance
  • Playful and passionate  Kissing  with the Water element
  • Explore the sensuality of  Food and Drink
  • An instruction is given for each section before a video demonstration of the Divine Masculine and Feminine in each exercise.

I hope you enjoy beginning, or continuing, your Tantric studies and that you will join us in Deepening Intimacy with the Water Element.

Remember, we are made from the joyful union of sex.

Now let’s take our sexual essence to another level of consciousness.