V.A.Kozarenko – Fundamentals of mnemonics GMS [Russian] (2018)

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 V.A.Kozarenko – Fundamentals of mnemonics GMS [Russian] (2018) V.A.Kozarenko – Fundamentals of mnemonics GMS [Russian] (2018)

V.A.Kozarenko – Fundamentals of mnemonics GMS

The memorization system “Giordano” is constantly evolving and improving. Unfortunately, updates are not released as often as Windows operating systems or newer versions of the iPhone. Because only one person works on the Memorization System, on its development.17 years have passed since the publication of the well-known distance learning course “Mnemotechnology step by step” (2002). During this time, many changes and additions have accumulated both in theory and in the practice of mnemotechnics. In 2018, the changes in the Memorization System accumulated over 17 years were integrated into the new training course “Basics of Mnemotechnics GMS”. The training format has also changed. Thanks to the new technologies “Virtual Classroom” classes are conducted remotely / internally with a teacher. Pupils can be in any country in the world. The only problem is time zones. Classes are held from 20.00 to 23.00 Moscow time, which is very convenient for residents of the Moscow region – you can have time to class after work. But residents of New York (USA) have to deal with two in the morning to five in the morning local time. However, it does not stop those who want to learn mnemonics. Moreover, you can download notes and all the materials of the lesson, as well as view the lesson in the record.

What’s new in mnemonics?

Technique “Compass”, techniques of memorizing formulas in physics, geometry, trigonometry, a new way of long-term memorization of information, similar to a usual notebook

Verbatim memorization techniques when studying foreign languages, programming language memorization techniques, a simulator for memorizing the pi number (for memorizing figurative codes of three-digit numbers), changing and completing the theory of memory, and much more …

Orientation to textbooks, memorizing techniques, educational information. In addition, it became possible to make the course more intense due to classes with a teacher who sets the pace for developing the lesson exercises. Interest factor added – the number of technical exercises is reduced and useful, interesting information for memorization is included in the exercises. A large number of illustrations helps to remember, makes memorization techniques and the course as a whole very easy to understand.Training takes place directly in the classroom, under the guidance of a teacher. Minimal homework, with almost no homework – basically a repetition of exercises from memory in your free time.

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