Unplugged Lifestyle (Fresh _ Fit) – DMs on Demand

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Product Name: Unplugged Lifestyle (Fresh _ Fit) – DMs on Demand
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Unplugged Lifestyle (Fresh & Fit) – DMs on Demand

Unplugged Lifestyle (Fresh & Fit) - DMs on Demand

What you can learn from the average looking guy with the hot, very attractive woman on his arm… without being rich, famous, nor good looking!
The Ten Simple Steps To Make The Girl Of Your Dreams Beg For Your Attention And Love…
…Even If You Think You’re Not Good Looking And Have Never Been On A Date.
“Once upon a time I was exposed to red pill and cold approach pickup…
Which I was heavily into at first, but as time went on…I realized that I wasn’t getting the returns I really desired from it.
It’s a lot of effort going out and staying up really late to hopefully get some results…
Especially now that my priorities have changed and I’m more involved with business, not chasing girls in nightclubs until 2am…
That was fun for a while and it’s still good for certain guys, it just wasn’t for me anymore.
Too much effort, too much time, especially now with covid, that just destroyed the whole cold approach thing.
So I had this huge epiphany when just by chance my good friend Fresh Prince CEO said…
“Why don’t you just use the Gram to get girls?”
I was like…
“What do you mean..?”
“…Isn’t the Gram for social media, so that you can post your breakfast on there then complain about traffic or whatever you want…”
It’s not Tinder so, do you mean get a Bumble?
He’s like… “No no, you just use social media and you post high value stuff, then you can use it to meet women.”
Whoa whoa whoa, you gotta show me this…It gave me a whole new outlook on social media.
Here I thought you had to be some celebrity like James Bond with a six pack working at Area 51 doing some really cool shit to get women on the gram.
He’s like, no man, I’ll break it down for you… now, we’re not gonna get too specific into the details… but he set me up and gave me the knowledge.
And little by little we started posting really high value stuff, high quality photos, me doing cool stuff.
I had no idea I could just do that myself and I was the product to meet women…
So not only am I getting in front of my followers, which at the time was very low, like 500 followers… and none of them were hot chicks.
Like what’s the point of this…
But through ads I could amplify myself and increase my reach exponentially.
Especially for me, I have a thing for columbian women… I mean, I guess you’re gay if you don’t have a thing for columbian women right…
So I used it down there in Medellin, Columbia and holy cow…
All of a sudden I was like a celebrity, I had a lineup of girls, it was like I was a rockstar and I had my own fan club of groupies.
Mind you these hot girls were messaging me.
So I post a story and they see it like who is this guy, why did this come up… then they see my profile and the high value stuff Fresh hooked me up with.
Here’s Just A Sneak Peek Of
What You’re Going To Get And
How It’s Going To Work…
Module 1: Mindset To Attract Women On Social Media
You’ll discover how important it is in 2020, why it is a good avenue for you to use, why most approaches aren’t viable anymore (stranger, has a boyfriend, cold approach) this way she can see your lifestyle and your background, kinda like a resume.. She can see your profile before deciding if she will go on a date with you or not.
Module 2: How To Get Photos That Attract Women Like Bees To Honey
How to hire the right photographer, how to pose for pictures, How to add value so you don’t have to pay, locations. Every picture should have some kind of value and attraction which we’ll teach you how to create.Module 3: Networking
How to use social media to build your network and connect with other High-Value people. As the wealthiest men in the world say “Your net worth = your network”
Module 4: How To Rate & Edit Photos
How to run your photos through a voting software to see how they rate & what women rate you on a scale of 1 to 10. This will allow you to have only the photos women vote as a 9 or above on your social media.
Module 5: How To Make Your Profile Stand Out From Every Other Guy
Profile picture, bio, highlights, tag posts. Whenever someone sees your profile or you DM a girl the first thing they see is your profile picture so you want it to stand out, having it visible, smiling or grinning, top of their shirt with a headshot. Have your bio tell others who you are, what you do, where you’re from, and a business website link at the bottom for clients who want to be a part of what you’re doing, and you can fluff it up a bit.
Module 6: How To Make Stories That Get People To Follow You
How to create stories that have a lot of power, going to different events, high profile places, different places, great views, yacht parties, friends and other people’s parties, different cars, animals in your posts. No, you don’t need to post all of these as they’re just examples.
Basically, you’re posting a story that’s high value and tells a story in itself to help you with setting up a date. It Shows girls your high-value lifestyle that they want to be around and helps with your networking.
Module 7: How To Grow Your Gram With Virtually No Followers
Grow for super cheap or free through giveaways adding value, paying for shoutouts, paying companies to promote your IG for you, commenting on other people’s posts by adding value, using small targeted hashtags to help you stand out.
Module 8: How To Get A Girl From Other Platforms To Your Gram
Cold approach, give her your IG handle instead of your phone number, dating apps ask for their IG as they don’t have much other than your picture, your IG is your resume as it has your lifestyle, your highlights, your story, girls can get a better understanding of who you are.
Module 9: How To Chat With Girls From Anywhere In The World
Using the location feature on IG, find the tag of places and you can see the girls in that area of that country, you can get specific details of city and town of that country, let them know you’re coming to town, you can run ads to your posts in that country, paid posts in other countries is often cheaper as well so more bang for your buck.
Module 10: How To Set Up The Date
After you fill out your Instagram you’ve done all the work, for the most part, you just need to invite her on a date, get her phone number from the DMS, facetime to set up the date time, and place.

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