Udemy – Practical Google Ads Training to Get Qualified Leads in 2021

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Product Name: Udemy – Practical Google Ads Training to Get Qualified Leads in 2021
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Udemy – Practical Google Ads Training to Get Qualified Leads in 2021

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In this course I will share with you what most Google Ads agencies prefer to keep to themselves: tested and proven techniques to create and set up a successful Google Ads account. You will learn how to set up the most effective campaigns to attract and convert quality leads on your website, and get the answers to all your questions about the most popular advertising platform in the world:

  • How to create and set up your Google Ads account, if you don’t have one yet.
  • How to choose the right settings for your campaigns and not get lost in the process.
  • Which campaigns to set up on your account to boost more leads and how to structure them into ad groups, keywords and ads.
  • How to find the best keywords and how to buy them in the right way (yes, there is a wrong way to do it!).
  • How to create great ads following Google’s rules and my own best practices and how many ads to put inside each ad group.
  • Why you absolutely need ad extensions and how to set many of them up on your account.

As a senior campaigns manager, I have been using these techniques for years to create profitable Google Ads accounts for my clients to generate quality leads for their business. And I have fine-tuned this process over time, learning from different types of companies and industries. So I know what works and what doesn’t, and I’m going to share it all with you. In this course I will go through my process of creating a Google Ads account, like I would do it for my own clients, and go through it step by step.

But I will also go beyond the basics. You will also learn more advanced techniques used inside Google Ads agencies to set up your account faster and have a structure while doing it. I have used these proven ways of doing things on many different clients and I know that they work. So, you will also learn:

  • How to track people on the platform who became leads on your website after clicking on your ads.
  • How to use the Google Tag Manager to track conversions more effectively.
  • How to create many Search campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads at once thanks to Google Sheets.
  • How to integrate multiple campaigns at once with the Google Ads Editor.
  • How to add audiences and remarketing lists to your account and set up remarketing campaigns to get even more quality leads.

If you follow all my practice sections, you will be able to create your own professionally set-up Google Ads account at the end of this course, and launch your campaigns to see the first results. I will go you along the way and help out if you have any questions.

So let’s dive right in!

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