Tyler Hicks – IWS Ulor Business Kit

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Product Name: Tyler Hicks – IWS Ulor Business Kit
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Tyler Hicks – IWS Ulor Business Kit

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Imagine Acquiring $1-Million Per Year
of No-Repay Money
 for Your Business!
This method has been used by corporate financing experts for more than a decade.
They just don’t want the rest of us to know about it.
It’s so
effective you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before.

The ULOR, or Uniform Limited Offering Registration (sometimes called SCOR, for Small Company Offering Registration), is an easy way to get cash for your small corporation or investment property. The hassles and headaches of IPO’s and regular bank loans are eliminated. You get a more streamlined financing method
that’s Quick, Clear and Professional!
Here are just a few of the highlights of the ULOR Business Success Kit:
  • Get up to $1-million of no-repay money every year
  • You can fund nearly any business or real estate activity*
  • The ULOR form is already set up for you
  • You “fill in the blanks” with information about your corporation
  • Your completed form gives you an excellent business plan
  • Once you file your ULOR, your company name will be more widely recognized
  • Giving you more and better business and access to additional financing
  • And increasing your ability to attract highly qualified personnel to you firm
*Please note: The ULOR and SCOR programs are currently available only in the United States and cannot be used outside of the U.S. Additionally, ULOR cannot be used for businesses engaged in petroleum exploration or production, mining or other extractive industries, or “blind pool” offerings for which a business cannot be described. Laws vary from state to state.
Laws vary from state to state. No publication can substitute for the advice of an attorney specializing in securities law in your area. Be sure to consult a knowledgeable attorney and follow all applicable federal and state securities requirements for ULOR or SCOR filings.

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