Trevor Blake – Secrets to a Successful Startup

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Product Name: Trevor Blake – Secrets to a Successful Startup
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Trevor Blake – Secrets to a Successful Startup

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secrets to a successful start up

Where Transformation + Financial Freedom Meet™

A Multi-Media Course to Create a Thriving Startup in Any Economy…
And An Exclusive Community of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and Investors

How to Build a Startup Business from Home In Just 5 Hours a Day with Zero Employees…

And Write A Check for Total Financial Freedom

Take it from somebody who didn’t start their own company until they were 43…

There’s no greater feeling than financial independence.

I’m Trevor Blake, author of Three Simple Steps and Secrets to a Successful Startup. I’m also a serial entrepreneur in the process of selling my 4th company. My first 3 sold for more than $250 million.

People often assume that if I’ve managed to build and sell 4 companies in only 15 years, I must have had some sort of ‘luck of the stars’… or the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ in my mouth.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, I grew up poor.

I know what it is to work nights and weekends on a farm at the expense of my homework… to sleep in 3 layers of clothes, mittens and a hat with no indoor heating. And there were times when I had to wash in melted snow mixed with frozen sheep droppings because the water pipes froze.

Being poor sucks. Period. Give me financial independence as an alternative and I’ll take it every time.

So what changed? And, more importantly…

How can this help you?

A multi-millionaire mentality does not come after success… It comes before.

I wasn’t an overnight success (and you shouldn’t expect to be either), but I was prepared for it.

The secret is developing the right mentality and a matching business model for these unique times.

It’s a formula for success that cannot fail and is, literally, where transformation and financial freedom meet.

And it’s repeatable.

There’s never been a better time and it’s never been easier to achieve, but you’ll have to suspend just about everything you’ve been led to believe about business and life.

The New ‘Company-of-1’ Millionaires

[DEFINITION] Company of 1:
Building a multimillion dollar single-person business while maintaining
a balanced life between work, family, and spirit.

You don’t have to want to be a Google or FaceBook to enjoy a fast, potential multimillion dollar payday.
And you most certainly don’t have to work 24-7 to the detriment of your relationships with family and friends
(no, not even in the beginning, contrary to popular culture).

In fact, it’s imperative to balance your work day between periods of activity and creativity.

In effect, you must rewire your brain to a new way of thinking.

Personally, I don’t like working anywhere but at home, commuting or wearing ties. Instead, I’ve worked from home and never for more than 5 hours a day.

I have plenty of time and energy daily to create fulfilling relationships—I’m still happily married after 35 years.

So what does it take?

It starts with a winning idea that takes advantage of the times… 
In this course, guided by audio and visual teaching tools, you’ll learn the exact method
for finding one and turning it into a viable venture—whether in commerce or arts.
with a unique business model designed for ‘The Company-of-1.’

Like it or not, there is a thing that can be called The Millionaire Mentality.
There is a frame of mind which puts an individual a long way ahead on the road to success.

~ J. Paul Getty, 

With this business model… 
in just 5 hours a day

  • Be more productive when you do work

  • No long stressful days to reach your goals

  • Stay balanced and relaxed

  • Complete control of your time

  • No employees to manage

  • Age doesn’t matter

  • A financial future you can look forward to

  • Have more fun, doing more good, while making more money than you ever imagined possible

What you’ll discover is that this business model is a complete paradigm shift from how you’ve been working and thinking about work… even how you think about those people who are (or will become) a part of your working environment.


The Power of the Feminine

There are many names for it.

Some people call it left brain/right brain…

OR logic brain/artist brain… judger/perceiver… masculine/feminine…

I like to call it ‘the power of the feminine.’

Everyday in the business world, I meet men who suffer paralysis by analysis and women
who lack self confidence in their innate powers in a male-dominated society.

And I’m here to change that because, as a ‘one-person-band’,
you need strong intuition to make strong business decisions…

Everything that has led to my success in business and life are things women already know… 
and wise men develop.

 It’s my ‘secret sauce’ of business & life.

In this course, I’ll show you how to use this power to:


Deepen and trust your intuition

So you can make better, quicker business decisions which allow you to continually adapt to changing market conditions.


Learn the illusion of multitasking

And why it’s impossible, regardless of gender (and what to do instead, which led to me running 3 businesses at the same time from home without ever working more than a few hours a day).


Develop the art of task and schedule discipline

This is where the magic happens. Self-discipline isn’t natural for most of us… it’s a skill that gets built up over time. Learning the art and balance of work, family, and spirit is a critical component of your success.