Tradingriot – Trading Blueprint

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Product Name: Tradingriot – Trading Blueprint
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Tradingriot – Trading Blueprint

Tradingriot - Trading Blueprint


Trading Blueprint shows the trading strategy that I use in trading both cryptocurrency and legacy markets in a detailed over 100-page guide.
Usually, when you pay for any sort of education, you will get a very basic theory you can find online for free.
Because of that, this is not a Market Profile, Footprint, or Price action course. I explain these concepts for free on my blog.
Although the basics of these tools are explained in the Trading Blueprint, want you will, more importantly, find how I utilize all these tools in my day-to-day trading.
This is not a subscription group or personal mentorship.
My expanded trading strategy guide contains all the strategies I use for day trading currencies, indices, bonds, and crypto, covering different price action and orderflow patterns.
This is a one-time purchase. 

Besides a 100-page guide, those that purchase the Trading Blueprint will also get free access to Templates and access to my candle colouring indicator for free (example). 

At the end of the Blueprint, you will be able to find a 1HR long video covering what I look at and how I enter trades on day-to-day basics.
A complete Table of Contents can be found below.
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Here are the chapters I cover in Trading Blueprint:

Part 1: Price Action
  • Introduction – is trading worth it?
  • Conventional wisdom
  • The market as an advertising mechanism
  • Market Structure
  • Orderflow and Liquidity
  • Trading the SFP/Sweeps as the road to disaster
  • How I Trade Support and Resistance
  • Supply and Demand Imbalances
  • Trading the FTR
  • Trading the O/U
  • Trading the V-shape
  • Is Price Action Enough?
  • Problem with swing trading
  • Other Price Action concepts
Part 2: Auction Market Theory and Orderflow
  • Is trading orderflow trading just another marketing catch?
  • Trading different markets
  • Auction Market Theory
  • The 5 Auction Market Theory Rules
  • Market Profile
  • Volume Profile
  • Composite Profiles
  • VWAP – glorified moving average?
  • Everything Delta
  • Footprint Chart
  • Trading SFP/Sweeps with Footprint – much less disaster
  • Other Price Action setups with Orderflow and Volume confluence
  • Tradingriot Suite
  • Conclusion of Part 1 and Part 2
Part 3: Trading Strategy
  • Daily Timeframe Analysis
  • 30-minute chart
  • TPO chart
  • Execution with Price action and Orderflow

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