TLM Virtual Trading Summit 2020

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Product Name: TLM Virtual Trading Summit 2020
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TLM Virtual Trading Summit 2020

TLM Virtual Trading Summit 2020

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This summit is designed as a 12+ hour, pre-recorded trading “crash course” for newer traders, as well as those with experience. I discuss & educate A-Z topics that inform on how to start day trading, such as basic & advanced trading topics/concepts of technical & fundamental analysis. I also elaborate on details regarding my personal trading strategies that I have NEVER shared before including how to identify trend, as well as how to guesstimate potential short term price targets for momentum stocks.

My ultimate goal is to simplify trading education in an industry that is grossly over priced & over complicated.

Participants will also have access to all future TLM Virtual Trading Summits for the next year – FREE.

Also included is my 150+ page ‘TLM Modern Day Trading eBook’ which provides an introductory foundational guide to your day trading knowledge library.

You will have access to pre-recorded trade recaps & mentor classes which I provide in the TLM Exclusive Trading community. This will give you some insight into how I educate/coach members on a weekly basis.

*** Access to my MAIN community where watch lists/educational content/mentor classes/intra day commentary occur is NOT included with purchase. There is a link to access this community in the Summit chat room for $49/month. ***

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While the majority of the world was in financial strain & panic in March-April of this year- I had some of my best months EVER trading the U.S. stock market!

Work from home income is the future. Have you acquired a skill set that allows you to capitalize if a Covid-19 event occurs again?

Learn the most efficient, recession proof skill set that currently exists in the new economy- DAY TRADING!

Fast track your life towards financial freedom & supplement your current income stream using the stock market as your vehicle!

Take control of your life today & no longer be at the mercy of the economy!

***To avoid bootlegging/fraudsters there are NO REFUNDS after purchase.***

*** All major credit cards are accepted & all payments are secured via Stripe.***

Any questions or concerns you can reach me on my Instagram page: TradeLikeMike

or via email [email protected]

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