The Simplest Biz 2.0

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Product Name: The Simplest Biz 2.0
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The Simplest Biz 2.0

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Many Don’t Know This Niche Business Even Exists…
But Now You Do!
One of a kind business model that is simple and totally duplicatable.
I’ve been at it for 22 years.
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“Fast Start Blueprint Checklist”
45 strategies you’ll need to know for a quick start with The Simplest Biz
1. I make more money on Monday morning than most make all week
2. I get 95% of my product for free
3. It’s simple and easy to execute (if done the right way)
4. My competition sucks – it’s like knocking out 3rd graders
5. Only need a handful of customers to make it work
6. More than full time money on part time hours
7. I never have to work for the “MAN” again.8. I get to set my own hours
9. I get out of the house and away from the computer
10. I don’t mind doing the “Honey do list” ‘cause I have the time to do it.
11. My customers are evergreen. Ordering over and over again, every week for decades.
12. My customers are salt of the earth folks… no stuffy suits to deal with.
13. I don’t see 50 million other folks doing the same thing. Invisible niche! … Just how I like it.
14. I’ve had some of the same customers for 21 years strong. So I don’t have to find new customers to make this a success.
15. I have time to play golf 7 days a week if I choose. Wife’s not gonna let me but still… I could if I chose to. (see #10)
16. I have time to figure out other business opportunities without the stress of worrying about the money.
17. I have a multitude of revenue streams attached to The Simplest Biz… so all my eggs aren’t in one basket.
18. A sense of security, no matter where I live, I can ramp this side business up in no time.
19. I get the privilege of sharing this knowledge with others while helping them completely change their life situation with this simple way to make extra money
20. The security of knowing that I can provide for my family with ease and never be caught in the cross hairs of a layoff or reduction in force.
21. I don’t have to work in a cubicle or get dressed up in a suit for this business opportunity.
22. No boss to dictate my life or not pay me what I’m worth.
23. I haven’t had to trade my time for money in 20 years.
24. Happy wife… enough said.
25. Not embarrassed to show my check stubs to anyone …. Ever!
26. Bonus Reasons – No Employees, no warehouse, no lease, completely solo biz model. And finally… I can take a vacation when choose to.

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