The Shift Network – Ancestral Healing Summit 2021

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Product Name: The Shift Network – Ancestral Healing Summit 2021
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We explore this topic through science, psychology, and spirituality, and even through genealogy and film-making. Jordan Dresser, chairman of the Northern Arapaho Business Council, talks about his documentary What Was Ours, which addresses the repatriation of tribal artifacts and the peace these efforts brought to him and his community. David Quint, director of the film Father Unknown, shares the story of healing brought about by discovering the name of the unknown grandfather who left his son (David’s father) to be raised in a Swiss orphanage.

We’ll also hear personal stories from Joycelyn Davis, descended from a survivor of the last illegal slave trading ship, and from Karena Virginia, whose family pattern of being silenced was addressed when she spoke out publicly against Donald Trump with allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. Stephanie Bowie talks about her search for meaning after discovering that an ancestor’s public lynching was the inspiration for the famous Billie Holiday song, Strange Fruit.

And, of course, we’ll dive into discussions about how to connect and communicate with your well ancestors, to not only heal traumas but also to awaken long-dormant gifts. Mark Anthony tells us about “frequency beacons” and the art of psychometry — feeling into inanimate objects for their owners’ stories. Carrie Paris talks about divination and the use of oracles. In fact, I even offer my two cents about how my ancestral healing work has allowed me to rediscover my own natural “magic.”

There are far too many juicy sessions to mention in this brief welcome letter. I couldn’t possibly do them justice to only offer a brief nod here. You can see for yourself when you register for the event and check out the power-packed lineup of speakers for this year’s Summit. I promise, you’ll be glad that you did. And, it really is free to watch while the Summit is live.