The Self Defence Training System – Damian Ross

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Product Name: The Self Defence Training System – Damian Ross
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The Self Defence Training System – Damian Ross

Damian Ross - The Self Defence Training Syste

Street mixed martial arts:
Only the deadliest techniques and tactics
Selected for self-defense training system

The Allied forces have seen all legitimate forms of martial arts and combat sports. Extensively researched and tested styles include Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Siam Boxing (Muay Thai), Western Boxing, Wrestling / Grappling, French “Foot Fighting” (including Assaut Vite savate), Indian Varma- It was adi / Varmannie. , Chinese Boxing, Roman Boxing, Greek Punk Race, Burmese Boxing (Bando), Western Fencing, Filipino Weapons, Stick Fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, “Instinct Killing” System (Human Natural “Animal”) A method designed to get the most out of) “killing instinct”, and even the tactics of killing the underground world and prisons, were analyzed and tested in REAL WORLD conditions. Techniques are based on two criteria Selected, they had to work, they needed to be easy to learn in a short time, and the eligible methods were tested until only the most deadly and effective ones remained.
Self-defense training system: battle tested

These very deadly methods include Navy V-5 programs, training at Fort Benning and Fort Mead, Hawaii Jungle Warfare Complex, CIC Training Center in Chicago, Army Training Camps in Colorado, Paris Island, Hawaii Islands. Rangers / Commando Schools, pre-D-day British training bases, Palestinian’killing ‘schools, Area B OSS human resources training, and of course the famous Camp X’s top secret (now declassified) Canadian ” Spy Training School “. How to survive is the brutal foundation of a self-defense training system.
Self-defense training system: Too brutal for police and the military!
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Module 1 3-Count Chop Drill Module 1 3-Count Chop Drill Develops Amazing Power

The 1970s saw dramatic changes in law enforcement and military enforcement policies. In front of the house, police stations faced another enemy, lawsuits, on charges of liberal politics and police atrocities. Departmental training and policies were denounced, and once effective life-saving tactics were the target of police brutal claims. These tactics, driven by elected politicians, have been replaced by new “more gentle methods” in the guise of community policing. These new methods were based on martial arts mythology and folklore, driven by Hollywood’s exaggerated depiction of the effects of martial arts and combat shooting. Unfortunately, these new tactics fail badly in the field. [Paying police health care costs and death allowances seem cheaper than paying millions of dollars in bills and litigation] This bureaucratic approach still plagues law enforcement agencies. But good police officers know that if you want to get home safely at the end of a shift, you have to get out of the box in your self-defense training system.

Self-Defense Training System Cardinal Rule # 2: You will be attacked if you are injured, ill, or old. Is it too painful? Worse, your tiredness is like ringing a bell on a sandbag. The SDTS rules are as follows: If you can leave the house, you are ready to fight. The system that needs to be injured and shaped is sports, not self-defense. Injuries are not a problem as long as you know the self-defense training system, you will only use the core and overall athletic abilities you can have with any body shape. You can leave the house. With SDTS!

Damian Ross – The Self Defence Training Syste