The New Tantra – Complete Collection

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Product Name: The New Tantra – Complete Collection
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The New Tantra – TNT Complete Collection

The New Tantra - TNT Complete Collection


This course is available for Pre-order and delivery within a few days! This is the most cost-efficient offer and includes all 3 advanced courses, as well as Starter Skills. File Size: 1.849 GB

If you feel attracted to several online courses, choose the TNT Complete Collection. This is the most cost-efficient offer and includes all 3 advanced courses, as well as Starter Skills.

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Who is it for?

The TNT Complete Collection may be for you if:

  • You have looked through all the course descriptions.
  • You feel that this resonates deeply with you.
  • You feel ready to go all in to put in the consistent work and dedication to learn tantric sex.

You’ll learn

All the content and tantric sex skills from:

  • Starter Skills
  • Pussy Skills
  • Ass & Cock Skills
  • Polarity & Switching

Course content

  • Total of 31 videos. Stream anytime, anywhere, from any device. Over 7 hours of play time
  • 4 workbooks
  • Access to TNT Fundamentals in your account
  • Access to new bonus videos added over time for your continued learning and engagement

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Course Content

Welcome to TNT Complete Collection
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Starter Skills
Holding & Surrendering explanation
Holding & Surrendering demo 1
Holding & Surrendering demo 2
Tantric Masturbation explanation
Tantric Masturbation demo
Optional connecting exercises
Touching skills
Ass & Cock Skills
Anal de-armouring explanation
Anal de-armouring demo
Asswork explanation
Asswork demo
Anal sex explanation
Anal sex demo
Deep throating explanation
Deep throating demo
Pussy Skills
Vaginal De-Armouring explanation
Vaginal De-Armouring demo
Pussy Licking explanation
Pussy Licking demo
Squirting explanation
Squirting demo
Cock-Cervix Connection explanation
Cock-Cervix Connection demo
Polarity & Switching
Fuck talk explanation
Fuck talk demo
Basic polarity explanation
Basic polarity demo
Strap-on skills explanation
Strap-on skills demo
Letting something else take over explanation
Letting something else take over demo

It’s not for

  • Be careful if the woman is pregnant. Do NOT perform or experiment with vaginal de-armouring by yourself at home. Instead contact us to be referred to certified midwives with de-armouring skills.
  • This course is NOT a guaranteed fool-proof solution to fix all your sexual challenges. The skills require dedication and consistent practice to reach your desired results.
  • This course is for healthy individuals only and NOT meant as a replacement for healing or therapy. In case of medical or psychological issues please consult with licensed medical professionals or therapists instead.
  • Due to the tantric nature of this training, the skills are NOT ejaculation or clitoris focused. In fact, we recommend to abstain from these regular orgasms in order to increase your sexual sensitivity. Complement all TNT courses with our free 21 Day Challenge to learn how to practice non-goal oriented sex.
  • This course is not aimed at solving relationship problems. The instructors are not relationship experts and don’t address couples’ issues.
  • TNT reserves the right to ban anyone that breaches our Code of Conduct from our platforms without warning.


  • For ages 18 and above
  • Must reside in a country where adult sexual content is legal – always follow local laws and regulations
  • For sexually open-minded people
  • For men, women and anyone in between – regardless of relationship status and sexual orientation
  • No previous tantric experience needed
  • Active internet connection required to stream the videos from your account

PLEASE NOTE: TNT has a strict return policy on online digital content. Please consider carefully before purchasing our products.

Get The New Tantra – TNT Complete Collection download