Kevin Hogan – 10 Laws of Persuasion

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[TCG EXCLUSIVE] Kevin Hogan - 10 Laws of Persuasion [1 DVD - DIVX]

Kevin Hogan – 10 Laws of Persuasion [1 DVD – DIVX]

For [TCG EXCLUSIVE] Kevin Hogan – 10 Laws of Persuasion [1 DVD – DIVX]

The 10 Laws of Persuasion
The Foundation of Influential Communication

with Kevin Hogan, author of The Psychology of Persuasion

“Opinion is ultimately determined by the feelings, not the intellect.”
“If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend.” –ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Taped “live” in a beautiful television studio at a Fortune 500 company, Kevin Hogan gives you the foundation for persuasive communication. Whether you are a leader in business, own your own business, or are a salesperson, you cannot successfully gain compliance without knowledge of the laws of persuasion.
In order to fully comprehend the process of persuasion, you need to understand some basic concepts, or principles, of persuasion. These concepts provide the foundation for the paradigm of persuasion.

People in each culture develop certain responses to common situations in the persuasion process. It is because of these responses to certain stimuli that make it possible to predict behavior and therefore persuade others.

Unfortunately it is the same responses that make it possible to manipulate or be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals. Included are the principles that come into play in daily life as well as in persuasion settings, whether you’re a salesperson, public speaker, consumer, husband, wife, father or friend.

These are the Laws of Persuasion.

These laws are the foundational concepts for everything else you will learn about the process of persuasion.



Notice the law does NOT say that someone will automatically reciprocate when given something. It says they will DESIRE TO GIVE SOMETHING BACK.)

To some degree, reciprocity has control over all of us.

Each Christmas, millions of people buy gifts and cards for people they probably would never buy for, except that the other person will be giving them something and they DON’T WANT TO LOOK BAD OR FEEL BAD! From early childhood we were all taught to give something back when something is given to us. Generally it was taught to us to be something of equal value.

How often have you been given a gift at Christmas that was more expansive than what you spent on the other person and felt OBLIGATED to buy something else to MAKE UP THE DIFFERENCE to the other person. This is a powerful example of the law of reciprocity.

We feel obligated to tip in a restaurant because someone brought us our food. Our culture trains us to “tip” individuals in some professions. (Hair stylists, taxi cab drivers, waitresses etc.) Why? There is no LOGICAL reason to do this. It is simply that our culture has taught us to do so and that to do otherwise would be considered as rude or unkind.

We feel obligated to donate to the General Campaign Fund by checking the box on our IRS 1040 tax return in return for the ill found hope that that’s what they want us to do, and we won’t then get audited. The fact is of course, is the IRS is not interested in your political affiliation. They are only interested in the revenue they can bring in for the Treasury Department! The IRS computers do not select returns for auditing on the basis of campaign fund donations. (However, because of the imprinted fear of the IRS most people tend to have, the campaign fund will continue to do well!)

The bride and groom in a wedding feel obligated to give the bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts because of the expense put up for dresses and tuxedos. In some instances the gift purchased for each person the wedding party will equal the cost of the tuxedo or dress. Would it not simply be easier to have the newlywed’s purchase the dresses and rent the tuxedos?


The ten laws of persuasion include the Law of Time, which is critical in getting people to “YES!” and keeping them there!

If you’ve seen Kevin “live”, you know how much information he packs into an hour. If you haven’t, here is your chance to get a massive download of information about the key to emotional intelligence.

The ability to influence is the key to personal mastery and success in life and business.

The graphics on this video are beautifully done to help you understand and master each point. This DVD provides plenty of new material that has not been shared before and it’s yours for 1/100th the cost of Kevin’s full day training fee!

Learn all about all 10 Laws of Persuasion!

1 DVD Approx. 60 minutes

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