Taylor Welch and Chris – DIY ClientKit Fast-Track 2021

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Product Name: Taylor Welch and Chris – DIY ClientKit Fast-Track 2021
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Taylor Welch and Chris – DIY ClientKit Fast-Track 2021

Taylor Welch and Chris - DIY ClientKit Fast-Track 2021

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Use Our Profit-Proven, 5-Pillar System – Validated by 1,982 Businesses in 79 Different Industries to Achieve Your $10,000/month Business in the next 10 Weeks…
… (even if you’re starting from scratch)…
The Key is Our 5-Pillar, High-Ticket Consulting System
(Previously reserved for our 1-to-1 Clientkit clients…)
Plus – We’re throwing in these additional free bonuses…
To sweeten this already “too good to be true” deal…
Mindset Bundle
Go deep into optimizing your identity, and rewiring your brain so you never lose that “on” feeling again.
Value: $497
Productivity Pack
This ‘Productivity Framework’ Was Supposed To Remain The Secret Weapon Of An 8-Figure Consultancy And A small Handful Of It’s Most High-Ticket Clients.
Value: $396
Turbo Templates
Get The Exclusive Collection Of Our TOP-Performing 10X Organic Posts, 10X Emails, And 10X Paid Ads – Delivered As Templates You Can Swipe And Deploy Today!
Value: $1,493
Questions You May Have…
Why Is This $2,000 If You Typically Charge $9,800+?
Do You Have A Payment Plan?
What if I need more 1-on-1 help?
What If I’m An Affiliate Marketer, Ecom Store Owner, MLM’er…etc?
What if I don’t have a business?
How is this different from other programs?
I don’t have time…
What about bots, AI, Youtube, Tiktok… blah blah blah?

Your Results are Guaranteed…
We are almost absurdly confident in the results this program can help you achieve. After all, it’s already worked for over a thousand other business owners in 70+ different industries. So, allow us to make you a simple promise. Take these actions today:
1.Buy the program.
2.Consume the training.
3.Implement the 5-Pillar System.
If you haven’t ROI’d in the first 10 weeks, we’ll happily refund every penny. Period. End of discussion.
“I came to T&F for help on traffic, and help on marketing… but the mindset stuff has sort of been the ‘secret weapon.’ It’s helped me to become a different person. It’s changed how I think about business, and setbacks, and failure…”
Pete T. – Fitness Business Extraordinaire

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