Taylor Truth – What We Find Attractive The Mystique of Seduction

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Product Name: Taylor Truth – What We Find Attractive The Mystique of Seduction
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Taylor Truth – What We Find Attractive, The Mystique of SeductionTaylor Truth – What We Find Attractive, The Mystique of Seduction

It is the wisest, the most legendary, and those with greatest mystique who have founded the rich history of the martial arts. When we think of the samurai, their swords, their dedication to practice, spirituality and an empty mind, we can’t help but fall in love with the romance of it all. We picture the wise old master who managed to surprise us all with his vital spirit and humble resolve. His presence commanding such a mysterious power that it seemed, despite his stature, that no man could defeat him in battle. We are awed by such things, by the seeming purpose and resonating power behind these masters and their words.

Perhaps when we hear the word seduction, we do not think quite so similarly. For it would seem that there is no match or equal to the ancient mystery that pervades the traditions of the samurai or Shaolin monks. We perhaps think of fictional images of that man who kisses a woman to her knees, without a word. We might think of names like Casanova or Don Juan. Or perhaps we think that seduction is only an act that can be done in the bedroom, as our partner puts on their bedroom eyes and lures us in.

However, seduction has so much more waiting in store for us than anyone has yet led us to believe. So many of us are unaware of it, but seduction, like the martial arts, can indeed inspire romantic ideas of a lifestyle of discipline and purpose. Its practice contains wisdom that leads to enlightenment, and satisfaction of the soul. Little are we aware that there can indeed be masters of seduction — masters whose mystique and wisdom resonate with such power as to serve as a guiding light for us all.

It is in this book that I provide the first glimpse into what seduction can be — indeed, what it always has been — a first glimpse into this romantic world, a world of mastery, enlightenment, and satisfaction. Perhaps by reading this book you will understand that seduction has something to teach us, and that if we learn to understand its principles, we can not only enrich our own lives,but those of others.