Talking Shrimp – Laura Belgray – About Page Builder

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Product Name: Talking Shrimp – Laura Belgray – About Page Builder
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Talking Shrimp – Laura Belgray – About Page Builder



The About page is the #2 most visited (and powerful) page on your site.
Is yours leaving money on the table?
I’ll bet it is. I’ll bet it’s leaving money on the table, on the floor, and every place but your bank account. Two possible reasons it’s leaking out dollars by the day:

1. It’s not written in a way that reflects you in your best light and reels in your buyer in an instant (yes, there’s an easy way to do this – I’ll get there).
2. It’s not even finished! In fact, it’s holding up your whole site. Your designer’s been bugging you for it for months, and you wake up every morning saying, “Today I’ll write my About page.” Today turns into tomorrow…and so on.
A printable guide and mini-workbook with a home-hitting structure for connecting your audience’s desires to your own story.
Love examples? Includes a roundup of my favorite About Pages — with styles you can steal (no one will ever know).

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With bonus guide:
Your Mega-Impressive, Money-Making Mini Bio
A roundup of crisp, tasty intro bios, plus templates to inspire your own — so when you guest-post in a major media outlet or speak on a hot podcast, their blockbuster audience will want more of you and flock over to your site.
And, at the end of your About page, this nugget of copy will signal to the right people that you’re a hot pick for podcasts, guest posts, speaking gigs, and other coveted opportunities.

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