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I bet you’re wondering, “Aura of Love?  Why on earth would anyone want to use that?” I wondered the very same thing.  Why on Earth would anyone care about projecting an aura of love?  What good is an aura of love?

Turns out, an aura of love is a lot more useful – and valuable – than I first thought.

I added this title to a list of “What should I build next?” options, not really expecting that it would get any attention.  The results surprised me; again and again, this program out-shined everything else on the list.  I have learned from experience over the years that when I get a result like that from the models, it’s wise to follow along, even if I don’t yet understand it.  So I started working on this program and the second place winner, still wondering why it would be useful.

As I was working on it, I started to understand.  An aura of love can be very useful for couples.  One or both members of a couple using this program can make the relationship stronger, and even help it heal and improve by doing so.  “Okay, that makes sense,” I thought.

But then I realized that one or more members of a family running this would also be very useful for doing the same thing for a family.  It could potentially improve, strengthen and heal family bonds and relations as well.  That seemed pretty useful, too.

And then as I was finishing up optimizing the key script, I realized that the models were indicating that it had a couple of other effects as well: some people would respond to it by being attracted to the person romantically, and others would respond by being sexually aroused by it.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that while these last two were a much smaller percentage of the responders, they would be frequent enough that I would have to include an age limiter on both who can use this program, and who can be affected by it.  As a result, this is not just the very first 5.75.7G subliminal ever published, it is also the first subliminal to ever have two age limiters in it’s script!  Only people 18 years old and older can run this program, and only people of the legal age of sexual consent can be affected by the resulting aura.  This prevents it from being used inappropriately, or confusing very young people as to how to respond to the user appropriately.

It also naturally has self effects on the user, because projecting an aura of love means you have to be literally bathed in that aura yourself, all the time.  This is very good for people who need to feel and be loved, and it is also good for helping people who have been hurt regarding love (familial, romantic, sexual, etc.) heal from it in some cases.  It can have an emotional healing effect in some other ways as well, but that will depend on various specifics.

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So to sum it up, this program is useful for the following:

  1. It’s good for creating an environment of love and self love for the user.
  2. It’s good for couples to be more loving towards each other, breaking down barriers to a better and stronger loving relationship, healing past hurts within that relationship and strengthening the loving bond between them.
  3. It is similarly useful for these things within families, although in order to prevent potential confusion and issues for and concerning those under the legal age of majority, it will not affect them.
  4. It can be attractive to those seeking romantic love.  This is definitely not common, but can result in some interesting (and sometimes unexpected) responses from others from time to time.
  5. It can be sexually arousing and attractive to some who equate sex with love.  This is a relatively rare response, but it will happen occasionally.  It is for this reason that this program has two age limiters, one designed to prevent children from being able to use this program, and the other to prevent children from being affected by it.


This program is designed to be usable only by those 18 years old and older, and it is designed for the aura you project to only affect those of at least the minimum legal age of sexual consent.

To start, select and play the hybrid ocean surf track. Find the volume at which the highs of the ocean are not too loud; the lows of the ocean are still at least faintly audible when used in the way you will listen (speakers, headphones, etc.) and the ultrasonic part is not too loud.  Use that volume for all tracks.

Aura of Love has an Audio to Silence Balancer Ratio of 20 minutes of audio to 20 minutes of silence.  One loop is therefore 120 minutes (2 hours) long.