Strong Brand Social – Content Strategy Accelerator

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Product Name: Strong Brand Social – Content Strategy Accelerator
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Strong Brand Social – Content Strategy Accelerator


that actually works
Let’s be real:  The social media industry is plagued with shiny objects and illegitimate experts.
You pay for “strategy” and learn:
  • how often to post 
  • to bucket your content into “themes” 
  • keep your visuals consistent
  • ​lead with value!
  • ​include a call to action
Okay, sure, but none of this is STRATEGY.
These are tactics just dying to have a real strategy to support.
You’re searching high and low but you can’t find any info on how to build a customized, growth-driving content strategy for social media. 
One that’s unique to you and based on what YOUR audience psychology is…
You keep looking. You literally cannot find any high-level, strategic info on this topic.
So you follow these regurgitated tactical guidelines. 
Your growth crawls. When something works, you’re not entirely sure why.
If you’re like me, this isn’t good enough
The daily grind is a waste if you aren’t starting from the most potent messaging strategy possible.
For social media marketing, that’s called a CONTENT STRATEGY
Wanna know the REAL problem, though?

Most marketers have no idea how to build a content strategy for social media, including *most* social media marketers.

I only know this because I started looking ten years ago, have checked back every year since, and still—nothing.

There’s no industry agreement about the best way to do it—too many platforms, posts, and moving parts.

So the content engine churns: Plan. Produce. Publish.

We’re so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content that social demands, companies big and small experience massive amounts of opportunity cost from not being more strategic.

Imagine what would happen if alllllll of your posts were actually working *together* as part of a grand plan to drive maximum, long-term success?
Your social media content should be driving a level of customer loyalty that you can’t even assign a number to. 
  • Like when a retail brand I follow gained permission from their audience in March 2020 to keep selling through the first four weeks of COVID-19.
  • Or like when an already-big client of mine experienced a 1300% increase in incoming positive messages from their fans and customers alongside a 30% increase in their average order volume.

Alright, already. What’s inside?!


“Become their BFF” Targeting Technique
Ever wonder why some brands can have inside jokes with their audience on social media and engage them to levels of disbelief? It’s like they’re best friends forever with their followers. Well, it’s your turn, now! This targeting technique is the very first step in achieving a connection with your audience that drives incredible growth, engagement, and conversion rates. Get this right and your whole world will change.


The Competitive Launchpad
I’ll show you where to find and how to use market evidence that will help you skip years of testing and learning and jump right into what’s already working. Then we’ll exploit the white space that’s yours for the taking and guaranteed to generate growth.


The Bullseye Formula
for Content Pillars
The never before seen, proprietary AF approach to communication strategy that’s the missing ingredient in 99% of social media programs. This lesson will transform your life by ensuring every piece of content you publish from here on out is growing your business with purpose and prowess. I’ll show you how to make content pillars CUSTOM for your brand. You’re guaranteed to leave this lesson with a better social media strategy than your competitors.


The Content Playbook for Max Performance
Breathe life into your content pillars so that content planning becomes easier, quicker, delegate-able, and much more strategic every single day. We’ll teach you the three principles of look and feel, build your tone of voice style guide, and more. We’ll answer questions like “how much of each content pillar should I be using?” for different communication channels and in direct alignment with your specific business goals for max performance.


The Leader’s Guide to Content Planning
Together, we’ll build a plan at the highest, most strategic level to line up with your business goals through end of year (and beyond). Then, we’ll drill down to the weekly and daily level. We’ll even give you your own copy of the proprietary tool we’ve built to help keep all the moving parts organized! This lesson will go beyond social media to include channels like blog and email. After this, you’ll know exactly what planning looks like inside the marketing departments of the world’s greatest brands.


The Exponential Growth Roadmap
The exact growth tactics to attach to every single post you publish in order to ensure maximum results from your efforts! Did you know that every single piece of content you publish should grow, convert, or retain your customers? This lesson will teach you how to align message to audience and performance tactic in order to guarantee that you’re building a zero-waste social media marketing machine!


The Principles of High-Performing Social Media Creative (and how to make it look effortless)
COPY. VISUALS. STICKY CONTENT. If you want to beat industry benchmarks, you need this inside scoop on how to optimize these things for social media, specifically. I’ll show you every trick of the trade I’ve picked up over 10 years of running social for global, national, and local businesses so that you can speed up the learning curve.


Weekly Q&A
coaching calls
As one of our VIP students, you’ll get WEEKLY Q&A coaching calls with myself, my team, and the other students inside this program. Like, on Zoom *together,* not Facebook Live. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!


As an extremely special offer for this cohort ONLY, we’ll also include a Partnerships Playbook that shares every in-and-out of partnering with other brands and influencers for business growth with a little-to-zero budget.