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The Story Of White Tiger Tantra
Let me tell you a story.

It is said that back in the 8th century B.C., a mysterious author by the name of Nandikeshvara was said to have written 1000 chapters of a text known as the Kamashastra.

In Indian literature, Kamashastra refers to the tradition of works on the erotic arts. Just as kings and rulers compiled text on politics and government, the Kamashastra aimed at instructing the peasants and townspeople in the sacred arts of sensual healing that also opened the path to attainment of extreme sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

But unfortunately, the legendary works of Nandikeshvara’s Kamashastra were lost to history.

Until the 4th century C.E.

The Lost Chapters of the Kama Sutra
At that time, it is said that a man by the name of Vatsyayana was compiling a work on the sexual arts that would come to be known as the Kama Sutra, the Ancient Indian Art of Lovemaking.

In his quest to collect the most comprehensive knowledge of carnal affairs, he was introduced to a Tantric Shaman who provided him with the lost Kamashastra text he had buried deep within the palace’s catacombs.

It was here that he claimed to have discovered the only known remaining chapters of Nandikeshvara’s original Kamashastra manuscript.

But these chapters never made it into the Kama Sutra.


These sacred sexual healing techniques were SO POWERFUL, Vatsyayana’s teacher (who was a reclusive and powerful Tantric Shaman) told him he was FORBIDDEN TO TEACH THEM TO ANYONE other than those who where chosen to become the Sacred Healers of the White Tiger Clan!

However, Vatsyayana’s manuscript was soon stolen and later presented to the king. When the king read the copy of Vatsyayana’s work, presented in the Kama Sutra, the king was so taken aback by the information contained in the lost chapters of the Kamashastra, that he ordered them to be removed immediately.

The jealous king wanted to horde this information all to himself and have it only passed down through the inner circle and bloodlines of royalty!

It was deemed inappropriate that a common man should harbor such powerful sexual techniques. From that point on, only royalty was permitted access to the Sacred Secrets of Sensual Healing that were being suppressed in this now, forbidden knowledge.

However, the king was unaware that there was a secret society known as the Sacred Healers of the White Tiger Clan who had already been introduced to this knowledge. The members of this secret society had all taken a vow of secrecy to preserve and protect this knowledge for their initiates to use when healing the people who were of common bloodlines. The Master Shamans of this clan decided it was safest to harbor and shield this information by having it ONLY passed down to initiates through oral tradition.

The Kings of India used these hidden sex tips to create massive harems of women, all of which were loyal to their kings due to their powerful lovemaking skills.

Not even the women of the harem were permitted to share these forbidden secrets, or their benefits, with outsiders under the penalty of death!

This information was passed down from one king (and the closest members of his inner circle) to the next. The information was considered so valuable, it was guarded among the palace treasures, and only the king himself was allowed to look upon it!

The Clan Of The White Tiger
One day a rumor surfaced that was passed onto one of the king’s closest advisors. The story that was being told was that. In the village of Eros, (that was three days away by horseback) there lived a hermetic group of healers called the Clan of The White Tiger, who were healing common people (even in remote areas through distant healing.) They were using the forbidden knowledge and Sacred Sexual Healing Arts that were reserved for the tight inner circle of royal blood.

The advisor immediately informed the king that the Sacred Secrets had been compromised and the information was rapidly being spread amongst the common people.

The infuriated king and his inner circle decided on a path of direct action with extreme prejudice. They immediately seized the guards who had been protecting the royal chamber where the secrets had been guarded. After executing the guards the king decreed an order of death for any members of the Hermetic Order of The White Tiger Clan and anyone else who possessed or was caught using the forbidden knowledge.

Information of the impending doom was secretly passed onto the Sacred Healers of the White Tiger Clan. They immediately decided to go underground to preserve the Sacred Secrets and Tantric Knowledge for future generations who would need this information, in a time, sometime out in the future that would be known as.

The Great Awakening
So the White Tiger Clan headed up into the Himalayas where they seemed to just vanish into the thin air. So to speak. After days of scouring the mountain countryside searching desperately in vain, for the outlawed healers, the king’s men reluctantly concluded they had lost the trail and all hope of bringing the condemned Sacred Healers back to the King’s Court.

It was rumored that the White Tiger Clan traveled in separate bands and later regrouped in Tibet. In Tibet, they decide it would be safest to disband into 7 different groups and scatter like seeds in the wind.

Each of the groups of the clan were to retain and protect their separate keys of the Sacred Healing Secrets until a time in the future known as The Great Awakening. Sealing this knowledge in The Chambers of Time to resurface through the oral tradition, in the future for those who have been chosen to become Sacred Healers of The White Tiger Clan.

And it stayed that way for many thousands of years.

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