Sharyn Sheldon – Powered Up Processes 2022Sharyn Sheldon – Powered Up Processes 2022

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Powered Up Processes 2022Sharyn Sheldon – Powered Up Processes 2022

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Sharyn Sheldon – Powered Up Processes 2022

Quickly put together your own online course, live workshop, or coaching program on Powered Up Processes, where you’ll teach your customers how to supercharge and simplify their business by streamlining business processes. Simply download the materials, add your name and branding, and then sell or teach to clients or prospects.
With this easy-to-edit, complete course kit, you get:
  • ready-to-teach course, saving you months of time on content creation…
  • Everything you need to attract students to your course, so you can close more sales…
  • The ability to edit, customize, and brand the materials, so it fits your market and your personality…
  • A complete “training-in-a-box,” at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch…
  • …and much more!

Here’s why your students will love this topic…

Most business owners tend to overcomplicate things.
They add too many steps, involve too many people, include too many options, or leave too many things to chance in their business.
And they often reinvent the wheel over and over.
The result is inefficiency that causes:
  • Excess costs
  • Wasted time
  • Lapses in quality
  • Customer complaints
  • ….and a whole lot of stress!
But all of this is avoidable!
Take a look at anything in your business that you do over and over, and you’ll find a process that can be improved by:
  • Cutting out steps
  • Including only the essential people
  • Setting clear guidelines
  • Automating tasks
  • Outsourcing elements
….or anything else that streamlines and makes everyone more productive (and reliable).
And, when you go through all your processes one-by-one, you end up with a business that operates like a well-oiled machine,
….which frees you up to focus on high-value activities (like strategy or client work).
Left to their own devices, most business owners find the prospect of process improvement overwhelming.
And they can easily get sucked back into the weeds of all the details.
But with our course on Powered Up Processes, you can help them home in on ways they can simplify and streamline the high-impact activities in their business. You’ll teach them the steps for improving one process at a time, so that by the end of the course…. Your students will be able to supercharge their entire business ….and they’ll recognize you as the driving force. And when you purchase a license to Powered Up Processes, you’ll get the rights to edit the content any way you want, put your name and brand on, and repurpose it into whatever format you want.

Use your new course to…

  • Attract a flood of leads for your products and services
  • Build your reputation as an expert with webinars, workshops, videos, and more
  • Provide resources for your clients to help them get results (and win their lasting devotion)
  • Or even sell the course for 100% profit…. and a nice new income stream for you
You’ll be helping your clients take their business to a whole new level, ….while you build your reputation as a business management expert at the same time.

Here’s what you’ll teach in Powered Up Processes:

Introduction and Overview In the first module, you’ll give your clients an overview of business processes and systems, including examples of common processes in small businesses, so they recognize why it’s critical for them to optimize their business processes.
Step 1: Identify Your High-Impact Business Processes In Step 1, you’ll show your students how to identify where there are processes in their business that they spend a lot of time on and which have a big impact on their success. You’ll help them identify which ones are the most inefficient, complicated, or costly. From those that need improvement, they’ll then choose one business process to focus on for the remainder of the course that will be the easiest to improve and which will also have a significant impact.
Step 2: Document What You’re Doing Now In Step 2, your clients will take the high-impact process they selected for improvement in Step 1 and document exactly what they’re currently doing, so that they get a detailed picture of all the steps. Only when they have a clear idea of how they’re currently doing things can they move on to identify exactly where the problems lie, and where they’ll be able make improvements.
Step 3: Identify Where You Can Do Better In Step 3, you’ll show your clients how to analyze the high-impact process they selected, so they can identify where there’s room for improvement. You’ll tell them the questions they should ask themselves. And, they’ll decide how to change, outsource, or automate elements of it, so that things run more smoothly and reliably.
Step 4: Design Your New, Powered-Up Process By now, your clients have picked a process to improve, documented the current steps, and decided where they’ll make improvements. In Step 4, it’s time to map out and document the details of their revamped process, so that they know exactly how it will work and who will be involved in implementing it.
Step 5: Test, Implement & Communicate Now that your clients have designed their new process with the improvements it needed, it’s time to test it to ensure any team members involved can easily and efficiently carry out each step. And once they’ve tested, they’ll communicate and roll out their new process to everyone who is affected by it, so that it becomes part of their regular business operations.
Conclusion and Next Steps In this final module, your clients will review and finalize their redesigned business process, determine their next steps and deadlines, and be ready to implement as soon as they finish the course. They’ll be ready and armed with the skills they need to move forward and power-up their whole business, so that it operates like a well-oiled machine.

And to teach the program above, here’s exactly what you’ll get in Powered Up Processes:

Part 1: Student Materials – to Learn & Take Action

  • A 45-page Course Book – which gives you content and activity instructions you can use to create a self-study course, eCourse, or online or offline workshop (You’d pay $2,000+ just to learn how to create a course like this, and you’d still have to spend months doing it yourself)
  • A 14-page Action Guide – which helps your students take action on what they learn, so you’ll have happy, successful customers
  • Redesigned Process & Existing Process Analysis Spreadsheet – To document current processes, and what they’ll look like once you’ve streamlined them. (.xls)
  • A 14 Page Summary Cheat Sheet – which you and your clients can quickly reference to save time, versus having to refer to the book every time (Customers love these!)
  • 12 Colorful Graphics that are used in the course book and slideshow – which not only give a snapshot view of concepts, but also give your content some visual zing (in .pptx, .pdf and .png)
  • Example Process Graphic – A flow diagram of all essential elements of a blog post creation process. (.pptx, .pdf & .png)
  • 6 Key Steps to Creating Powerful Business Processes – Infographic (.pdf, .png & .pptx)
  • Powered Up Processes Overview Infographic – A graphic overview of the key parts of the course, .pptx, .pdf & .png) ($80 Value)
  • Handouts of All of the Presentation Slides – so participants can follow along, take notes, and refer back to the material later…all you have to do is hit ‘send’ or ‘print’

Part 2: Instructor Materials to Teach Your Course

  • 94 Slides – which give you a ready-made presentation for classroom, webinar, or video You just fire up your slide program or screen recorder… and start teaching or recording (Worth at least $500 and hours of your time)
  • Speaker Notes – that give you the full script and instructions, so you’ll know exactly what to say (just add some of your own language)
  • Evaluation Form – so you can get customer feedback and further customize the course for your audience (and turn them into raving fans)
  • Course Research Sources list – which gives you reference material so you can brush up on your own knowledge and answer any question your customers ask (Saves you hours of searching on Google)
  • 5 Follow-Up Emails – to send to participants after the course, which allow you to continue to provide value and build relationships, so you can make them customers for life (a decent copywriter charges at least $100 per email)
  • Top Ways to Deliver Your Training – which helps you select the right delivery method for you, so you can reach your target audience and maximize sales
  • Implementation Guide and Instructions on Using Your Content – which give you additional instructions and ideas, so that you’re prepared to deliver the quality your customers expect

Part 3: Lead Generation Materials to Sell Your Course

  • Opt-In Report, ‘Streamline and Simplify Your Business: 5 Key Steps for Creating Efficient and Powerful Business Processes‘ – which gets new people on your email list, so you can sell your course ($550 value)
  • Opt-In Cheat Sheet – a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the Opt-In report every time
  • Opt-In Slideshow – which gives you the same report in a presentation format with speaker notes, so you can also present it in person, as a video, or on a webinar (webinars have been proven to have the highest conversion rates!)
  • 5 Nurture Emails – to send to people after they receive your lead magnet, which will increase your own credibility and sell the course for you, saving you time and converting more subscribers into customers ($500+ value)
  • 5 Blog Posts – which give you pre-written marketing content to spark discussion on your blog, so you can build more excitement for the course ($1000+ value)
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Business Process – Infographic (in easy-to-edit PowerPoint – full size and 2-page printable versions)
  • Cheat Sheet version of the Opt-in Report, pre-written Social Media Posts, and more!

What’s Your Investment for All This Incredible Content?

You can see that Content Sparks products pack in a lot of value.
That’s because as sales and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material AND we want to help you market and sell it to your audience, so that everyone’s business grows.
But don’t worry, the cost is going to be MUCH less than you think.
Much less than it should be, based on the value of this product…
Much less than courses that teach you how to create a product like this yourself…
(Plus, this is ready to launch in minutes, not months, and even includes promotional material to sell the course.)
Much less than hiring a team to help you create content or sales copy…
And MUCH, MUCH less than learning how to create a product like this by trial and error…
…where you can lose money AND get zero sales.
So let’s say, conservatively, that you can create this product yourself for $8,000.
Now, that’s not nearly enough money to hire someone to help you…that’s just accounting for your personal time.
(If you’re a highly paid consultant, however, that $8,000 estimate is going to be MUCH higher…)
So you’d still have to research the topic, narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, figure out learning activities that people can do, write all the content, develop support resources ( like worksheets and checklists), create the slideshow, design graphics, edit and proofread everything, make it look professional, create sales materials, write autoresponder emails, and more.
For example, here’s the approximate amount of time it takes us to create a course like this one…
But if you don’t have experience creating courses, it’s going to take HUNDREDS of hours to do that properly… And probably additional hundreds or thousands of dollars just to learn how to build a quality course or a high-converting sales funnel… And after all of that, you don’t know if anyone is going to buy… Especially if you’ve never sold your own program before. OR, you can easily and quickly create your own courses… Using ready-to-go programs from a company with a long track record of success… And expand your business…

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