Sharon King – Into the Light Matrix and Beyond for 5D Travellers (September 2021)

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Product Name: Sharon King – Into the Light Matrix and Beyond for 5D Travellers (September 2021)
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King – Into the Light Matrix and Beyond for 5D Travellers (September 2021)

“Into the Light Matrix and Beyond, for 5D Travellers” Healing Other Life Experiences, Clearing Ancestral Patterns and Aligning more fully to your 5th Dimensional self.

This program has been updated from previous trainings to include new information to support and guide you on what this current time is bringing up for us all and how to stay in balance. I am currently in beautiful Thailand and not back home in the UK as I originally planned, so I will be offering this program twice a day to be make the training more available to people living in the UK, Europe, America, Australia and rest of the world that fits in with my time zone here to in Thailand. If the times/dates are not working for you on this page please try HERE

This 9 part webinar series for anyone who would like to explore how to transform their other life (past life) experiences, clear your ancestral patterns and discover your life purpose. You will learn tools to help you with manifestation and creating the life you want to be living. We will also be exploring connecting more fully to your guides and helping you go deeper into the awakening process to bring about more peace, trust, joy, happiness, abundance, bliss and improved health for yourself.

We will be sharing information and guiding you on journeys to transform your

  • Other lifetime (Past Lives) – including Perpetrators and Victim lifetimes, life times on other planets, life times where you have died of disease which could be being triggered by the current situation. We will also be exploring positive life times we can use our other lifetime selves to bring in those skills
  • Sharing tools for clearing Judgment and live a more peaceful life
  • Ancestors – Identifying what is your ancestral energy and learning new tools and techniques on how to clear them
  • Life Purpose – Going deeper into why these traumatic events happen in our lives and discover why you signed up for them
  • Working with your Future Self to create the future you desire
  • Tools for working with the universal Law of Attraction
  • Speaking with Guides, people who have passed to “to the side of life”
  • Navigating the Awakening, moving between dimensions to upgrade ourselves for the new energies we are experiencing.
  • Introduction to opening your heart and third eye connection through meditation, energy transmissions, Soma Breathwork and Chanting

Tools: EFT, Colour, Sound, Mind Movies, Guided Meditations, Chanting and Soma Breathwork. This webinar series I will also be drawing from concepts such as EFT, Shamanism, Matrix Reimprinting, Inner Child work, Family Constellations and guided visualisation. All mediations you will be able to keep to help you continue on your journey. There will be lifetime access to the interviews and course content via the membership site.

Please note that this webinar series is open practitioners who feels the call and will be an opportunity for you to explore what’s holding you back and connect more fully with your 5D self.

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