Sean Terry – Marketing Mastery X

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Product Name: Aean Terry – Marketing Mastery X
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Sean Terry – Marketing Mastery X

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This course will teach us how to manipulate these 27 advertising channels to generate more contracts with a custom marketing plan tailored to fit your budget from $500/mo – $25k/mo and beyond.

  • Week 1 – Marketing Mastery X Introductions and Expectations, The science of Direct Mail, Distressed Lists vs Non-Distressed Lists
  • Week 2 – Online Marketing Mastery, Google Adwords PPC Ads for 24/7 Lead Generation, Bing & Yahoo PPC Ads for Total Market Domination
  • Week 3 – Bandit Sign Billions using this Killer New App, Local Newspaper Old Fashion Lead Drop, Yellow Pages – Yes, We Get Deals from The Yellow Pages
  • Week 4 – Cold Calling the Legal Way – Generate $10 leads, Realtors Referral Formula for Free Deals Consistently, Follow up Fortunes Overview