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Sean Agnew – CPA Masters Academy

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Sneak Preview of Content Driven Training Course

Affiliate marketing training courses can be a beneficial resource to help you catapult your online career. If you’re just starting out in the industry, they become even more important in order to take your knowledge to the next level. Choosing the right one can be difficult however.

You want to make sure you’re not wasting your time and money on something that’s not going to teach you what you need, or is poorly designed at doing so. Any training program should be able to educate you or anyone else with relative ease. If it fails to do this, then that program is flawed somewhere.

CPA Masters Academy is a brand new affiliate marketing training course that launches to the general public on February 24th. This course aims to educate affiliates the right way: in a simple straight forward manner that will teach you EXACTLY what you need and want to learn. We wanted to give you a sneak peak inside the program, giving you a bit of a preview of what you can expect while not giving too much away at the same time.

What makes this training course so beneficial, is the amount of actual educational content you’ll have access to once you’re a member. There’s literally hours of video content that will educate you on traffic sources, tracking, how to build landing pages, and setting up campaigns step by step, just to name a few.

That might be the biggest incentive to become a member of CPA Master’s Academy. You’ll actually be shown HOW to do specific tasks, not just told how to. You can follow a long with each video, knowing what you’re doing will actually pave the way to running successful campaigns.

The program is broken down into various sections, each focusing on a different traffic source or strategy.

  • Introduction To CPA
  • Bing PPC
  • Facebook PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per View
  • Native Ads
  • Google Display Network

Within those headings are multiple sub-headings, each with it’s OWN video content that will actually show you how to complete very specific tasks. These are tasks that are required to make money in CPA. On the side panel of the site, an Announcements section will ensure you’re always aware of any new content as soon as it’s posted.

A Resources section will provide a significant amount of additional information you’ll also find useful. These include 3rd party suggestions such as tracking software, templates, and additional webinars. As a member of the program, you’ll also have full support from the people who creating the course, who’ll be more than happy to answer or clarify anything you need them to.

Here’s What Is Inside CPA Masters Academy

1. Facebook PPC

Crush out some 100% whitehat campaigns as you look over our shoulder step by step discovering everything from PPE ads to using Power editor to our advanced strategies and much much more…

2. Bing PPC

We will walk you through keyword research, finding offers that hit the sweet spot and show you how to crush your competition by getting clicks as low as 10 cents a click!!!

3. Email Marketing

Our in house 7 figure email marketer with over 20 years in the biz will walk you through his exact email sequence and process to closing sales day after day.

4. PPV Ads

Learn from our CPA Ninja as he silently assassinates his competition by picking high converting offers and targets with his own secret strategy. This is PPV done right!

5. Native Ads

Get our 300% ROI Strategy that nobody is teaching. Let us show you how to run profitable campaigns on a little known advertising strategy that nobody is using. We also teach you how to get into secret underground Native Ad networks.

6. Google Display Network

We saved the best for last. GDN is the powerhouse of marketing where traffic and targets are limitless. Get traffic instantly as we show you how to create display ads, set your targets and eliminate traffic sources that don’t convert.

Get Sean Agnew – CPA Masters Academy

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