Sarah Otto – The Healing Key

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Product Name: Sarah Otto – The Healing Key
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Sarah Otto – The Healing Key

Sarah Otto - The Healing Key

All 9 Episodes of The Healing Key

You’ll receive these digitally for Silver, and digitally AND printed for Platinum!

Episode 1: Revealing The Invisible Crisis: Taking Back The Keys To Our Health

Episode 2: Obesogens, Belly Fat & Cellulite: The Hidden Keys To Losing Weight

Episode 3: Unlocking Mental Clarity: The Hidden Keys To Depression & Anxiety

Episode 4: The Marvellous Microbiome: How to Balance Your Gut & Your Hormones

Episode 5: The Key To Healing Fatigue & Brain Fog: How To Unlock Your Innate Energy Stores

Episode 6: Unlocking The Master Gland: The Thyroid Connection To Weight Gain, Poor Mood, Fatigue, Constipation, Reflux & Autoimmunity

Episode 7: Wired But Tired, Anxious, Yet Flat: The Key To Overcoming Adrenal Dysfunction

Episode 8: Your Best Years Yet: The Healing Key For Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Health

Episode 9: The Key To Optimal Fertility: Overcoming Painful Periods, PCOS, & Understanding The Dangers Of The Pill
The Healing Key Virtual Health Retreat:
6-Week Interactive Course

Includes 6 Weekly Step-By-Step Module PDFs + 6 Weekly Expert Live Q&As!

In each of our packages, you’ll get access to this incredible 6-week program. We created this because we didn’t want to serve you all this information in the docuseries, then leave you all alone to figure it all out!!

When you choose to own the series today, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a whole six weeks of support! You’ll receive a written module every week, walking you through your steps of recovery.

On top of this, you’ll get access to 6 Live Expert Q&As where you can ask the doctors your important questions!


WEEK 1: 12th March – Dr. Peter Bongiorno
WEEK 2: 19th March – Dr. Mariza Snyder
WEEK 3: 26th March – Dr. Carrie Jones
WEEK 4: 2nd April – Dr. Felice Gersh
WEEK 5: 9th April – Dr. Dan Kalish
WEEK 6: 16th April – Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
In Each Package You’ll Also Receive:
2x Episode Transcripts

We all learn in different ways so that’s why we wanted to have actual transcripts for you to own. Reading is proven to reinforce information and these transcripts can become an invaluable resource to have at your disposal. The information that has been presented can be quite technical, so reading it at your own pace is often a great way to learn more about what we have presented. Most importantly, the more you understand about hormone health – the better you’ll be able to help others! In the Platinum Package – you’ll get an additional booklet for a friend.
All 78 Uncut Expert Interviews

Imagine having the opportunity to have over 70 hormone experts come to your home and teach you the latest hormone research and protocols? Well now you can! Watch every experts full interview and learn everything they had to say. Let me tell you, it was so hard to cut the interviews down into 9 episodes. I had to though, because there was only so much room you can fit into one episode. When you chose any package you get over 60 hours of footage and you get to hear everything that expert had to say. ($180 Value).
The Healing Key Complete Expert Transcripts

What would you do with nearly a thousand years of research, knowledge, and expertise on hormones at your disposal? Well, this is what it’s like to own every single transcript of our experts in written form. It’s not easy to quantify the value of the combined wisdom in this book. How can you, with over 78 experts telling us everything they know about the endocrine system? So don’t miss out on the countless pages of priceless, life-saving wisdom from every single one of our experts.
MP3 Audio Tracks

Think about how much more information you would retain if you had the ability to listen to the content on the go? Whether that would be when you are traveling, going out on walks, at the gym or winding down at night – use the audio format to fit the content into your schedule. Having these audio tracks ensures that the information presented will ‘stick’ easier as you’ll have more opportunity to reinforce everything you’ve learned.
And Here are the Special Gifts You’ll Receive When Your Order the Platinum Package Today
Includes Over $1,726 in FREE Gifts (89% Discount)!
Our Exclusive Facebook Support Group

I’ve had multiple people tell me that this is their favourite part of what we offer. And I can see why. Our Facebook community is truly beautiful. It’s a safe place where you can ask question, get support, get encouragement, and learn from others. Studies have shown that group support can be key in sustained success–and I’m seeing that in action in our wonderful group. It’s my privilege to offer this to our Platinum members. We still plan on charging a monthly fee for this in the future, but you can secure lifetime access by choosing the platinum package today.

Value: $997+
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
An Additional 6 Expert Q&A Calls

To make sure you stay on track and get the result you are looking for, we are providing an extra 6 months of monthly expert Q&A calls! Once a month you can check in with the community and have exclusive access to our esteemed experts. You can log on, ask questions, and have our wonderful experts give you and others in our community personalised attention. This sustained support is often the difference between success and failure so don’t miss out on getting the help you deserve.

Value: $297
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
90 Plant-Based Recipes for Hormone Success

We know you all love recipes. So we’ve done all the hard work to bring to you the ‘best of the best’ recipes that are not only delicious but nutritious as well. Should I also mention that they are picked for being hormone balancing as well? Or that the fact that we have painstakingly hunted down all 90 of these recipes so that the whole family can enjoy them (and not complain)! Food is your medicine, and there is no way to get your endocrine system back on track without the proper diet protocols. Thankfully for you, after 78 interviews – we had more than a few ideas of what specific foods need to be on your plate…

Value: $27
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
‘The Healing Kitchen’ Video Cooking Series

Simple & Delicious Cooking Demonstrations & Recipes For Ultimate Health

The best way to make sustainable change in your health journey – is to make it enjoyable! In this 13-part cooking series, we’ll teach you how to make delicious (and hormone loving) recipes, the whole family will enjoy!

Presented by plant-based chef, Camila, and Talida (who recovered from severe hormone imbalance through delicious food – like Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies!) these recipes are sure to help you progress in your knowledge of nutrition, and prowess in the kitchen!

Includes recipes like:

Cauliflower Risotto (Grain & Dairy-Free)
Broccoli with Plant-Based Cheddar Cheese
Chat Potatoes with Pink Hummus
Nut Non-Meat Balls
And More!

Value: $67
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
‘The Expert Interview Shortcuts’

(Downloadable and Printed in the Platinum Package)

It’s normal to feel pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information presented in the series. We covered a lot of ground in each episode in order to provide as much value as possible. To make it easier to review each episode and extract the core information from each expert, we’ve done all the hard work for you! Our expert interview shortcuts will save you an immense amount of time reviewing all the content yourself. You’ll get all the core information, protocols and tips from the experts in an easy to follow format.

Value: $57
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
Chris Winters ‘Biohacked’ Workout Program

Chris Winters is one of the most successful ‘biohackers’ that I know. He has forced to master his hormones after facing crippling food and alcohol addiction. If I didn’t know him personally, I wouldn’t believe that he is able to maintain his incredible physique, while being over 50 and without the aid of performance-enhancing drugs. Ridiclously, he only works out 3 days per week and keeps each session under 30 minutes in length! He wasn’t blessed with good genetics, he simply learned to master his hormones. So whether you are male or female – young or old – you can learn to build lean muscle mass if you follow his simple, yet powerful system. His ‘over the shoulder’ workout sessions are for those of us that hate the gym (like him!) but want to maximize the longevity benefits resistance training. DON’T MISS THIS!

Value: $37
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
Hormone Balancing Yoga Video Series

Did you know that yoga support your hormones? Our highly experienced yoga instructor Brooke will lead you in gentle but powerful yoga flows anybody can follow. Brooke’s overcame crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis through the power of yoga, which makes her style of teaching extremely effective for those who are facing similar health challenges. These 5 sessions will shortcut your path to success and for many of you (like her), could be the missing piece of your health ‘puzzle’.

Get Sarah Otto – The Healing Key download

Value: $47
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
Herbs & Supplements: Your Handbook to Natural Hormone Healing

Instead of painfully combing through endless amazon reviews or wasting precious time on google – we’ve cut through the clutter for you. Stop wasting money on herbs and supplements you don’t actually need. Take the shortcut using the power of mother nature today with this convenient handbook encyclopaedia to natural hormone healing.

All of the remedies that are mentioned throughout The Healing Key are listed here in alphabetical order by their most common name.

Value: $20
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
Beating Erectile Dysfunction – Naturally!

Endocrine disruption gets personal when you consider the impact that it can have on our sexuality. Millions of men around the world silently suffer from the embarrassment of ‘ED’. In fact, mild and moderate ‘ED’ affects approximately 10 percent of men each decade of life (i.e., 50 percent of men in their 50s, 60 percent of men in their 60s). Intimacy is unfairly robbed from couples lives, and that’s why we’ve included a book about it. Natural protocols that are evidenced based, so you no longer feel that medication can be the only answer.

Value: $20
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
‘The Tox-Free Home’ Ebook

Did you realise that that most cleaning products that people use around the home could actually be harmful to the endocrine system? We have been marketed to with cleaning products to that kill “99% of germs” without being told on the long term impact on our health. What these cleaning companies also don’t want you to know is how easy you can make these products that are just as effective, but are not harmful to your family. Save your money on these harmful products by using common ingredients to make your own. It’s pointless detoxing without actually detoxing your environment – so learn how to protect your home today.

Value: $20
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
Thyroid Ebook
By Dr. Rodger Murphree

Are you one of the millions of people in the world with a thyroid problem… But don’t know it? Fatigue and unexplained weakness and could be one of the hidden symptoms of thyroid disease, slowly undermining your health. One of our ‘fan-favorite’ speakers from our series, Dr. Rodger Murphree has written an invaluable resource in overcoming this thyroid induced fatigue. This powerful report will save you thousands of hours of research and point you in the direction you need to go to get your thyroid healthy once again.

Value: $20
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
‘Outsmart Endometriosis’ By Dr. Jessica Drummond

Endometriosis can be an extremely painful, frustrating, and lonely condition. It effects an estimated 1 in 10 women in their reproductive years and many women suffer in silence. But in ‘Outsmart Endometriosis’, you have an ally to help you get answers, solutions, and hope. Dr. Jessica Drummond, a skilled physical therapist and nutritionist with decades of clinical experience treating this condition naturally. Even if your reproductive years are over, there would have at least 1 friend or family who needs to know this life changing information.


Value: $20
Today’s Price: Yours FREE With Platinum
The Healing Key Complimentary Guest Pass​

Sharing is caring they say! It’s particularly true when you are sharing the life-saving information from our series on hormones. We wanted to make sure that you had the opportunity to personally gift someone that needs to hear this the most. We know that not all people would have the time or wouldn’t realize the importance of the information that was shared. That one person you were thinking of while watching the series can now get the help they need. You’re welcome!