Sarah Masci – Day Rate Mastery

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Product Name: Sarah Masci – Day Rate Mastery
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Sarah Masci – Day Rate Mastery

Sarah Masci - Day Rate Mastery

You craved freedom…

So you said goodbye to the 9-5, and set out on your own.

You started your business, because in addition to chasing your passion, you wanted to be able to travel, spend time with your family, and pursue long overdue self care interests.

So you bootstrapped and hustled, and when the clients started rolling in, you thought, “Yes! The elusive dream is in sight!”

As the years have passed, you’ve served wonderful clients, and made lasting friendships with some of them, while others send you a steady stream of referrals and are always tagging you on social media.
But somehow, somewhere along the way, you lost the freedom you set out to find.

You spend tons of hours on non-billable work. You dread posting on social media, answering complex emails, writing proposals, and getting on “connection” calls that don’t always turn into clients…
Clients expect you to live by their deadlines, but they can’t meet yours. Late files means you can’t start on time. They give feedback when they get around to it. Projects just keep getting delayed…
You overextend yourself. After talking on more clients to fill the gaps the delayed clients have created – suddenly the delayed client is ready, and you have no choice but to work double-time to keep everyone happy.
Scope Creep is out of control. Revision after revision, email after email, week after week. Your projects are never-ending…
Your bank account suffers. When you finally DO finish a project, it takes weeks or months longer to actually get paid…

Maybe you’ve even found yourself daydreaming about going back to a real J.O.B. because then at least you could clock out at 5:00 every day and get paid consistently.
That was my exact story until three years ago.

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Isn’t it ironic that we call ourselves freelancers, yet our business model actually leads us away from freedom?

Let me ask you – what would change for you if….

You only had to work 2 or 3 days per week and you knew exactly what days they would be, so you could plan months in advance, spend more time with your family, travel frequently and do more of what you love.

You didn’t have to waste hours on discovery calls, writing proposals and calculating how long an entire project will take only to be let down when the client comes back and says you’re too expensive.

You knew exactly how much money you were going to make each month and you could control whether or not to make more or less, depending on your life’s circumstances for the month.

You no longer had to deal with frustrating or demanding clients who started out fine, but then turned into the never-ending scope-creep client, leaving you both uninspired by the end of your time together.

You had a steady stream of DREAM clients raving about the work that you’ve done for them – so much so, that you no longer need to spend hours inside of Facebook Groups promoting your services.

You no longer worry about whether or not you were going to be able to pay the bills next month because you’re charging premium rates for your services and no longer chasing down late payments and invoices.
My guess is that this would be life-changing for you!

I’m here to tell you it’s TOTALLY possible, and it can happen sooner than you think!
I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2005…

I spent most of those years chasing shiny objects and creating dead-end businesses, in pursuit of that magic pill that would give me time with my family, financial freedom, and a work-life balance that every new business owner dreams of.

Instead, I found myself working insane hours, constantly struggling to make ends meet.

The numbers just weren’t adding up….

Even though I had established myself as a good designer, had great clients, and had invested in the best coaches and programs, hoping for that magic pill, I still found myself working endless hours, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed from all the hustle, and yet barely able to make ends meet each month.

I was stuck in a vicious feast or famine cycle.

I knew all about “scaling” with products, and how to do it, but there was no way “I” could do that because I spent ALL my working hours on client work.

Scope creep, inconsistent timelines, and delayed payments had taken their toll on me, and I was burnt out.

One cold day back in February 2018, a former client came to me with a unique request that nearly put me over the edge.

Not wanting to deal with another proposal and back and forth emails, I thought, ‘Why not test out the possibility of offering her a day rate to get it all done?’

She agreed to my day rate offer, and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time – I wanted to do more of these!

After testing with a few more clients, I announced this new service, and my audience went crazy for it!
I booked three day rate clients from that very first Facebook post, and went on to continue booking more each month!

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Bonus 1
Coaching & Community Support

Twelve months access inside my private student’s only community where you can get all the feedback and support you need.
A friendly network of other designers and service providers who are on the same journey you are on and believe in community over competition, often resulting in new business friendships and collaborations
Access to monthly Q&A calls and replays (these calls run until Dec 2021)

Bonus 2
Emails, Templates & Swipe Files

To make this as simple as possible for you, I’ve included all of my swipe files and templates so you can totally just PLUG & PLAY with for your own Day Rate offer!

The Perfect 90-Day Client Timeline
Day Rate Calculator so you can plan ahead for how many spots to open
The 6 Essential Emails you must send to ensure an EPIC Client Experience
Social Media Promo Swipe Copy
Client Contract
Emails for old clients, lead follow-ups

Bonus 3
The Client Prep Pack

Wondering exactly what information you need to gather from your clients ahead of time, to ensure the day goes off without a hitch? Save yourself the headache, and get access to all of Sarah’s personal client prep-work templates!

Mood Board Templates & Training
Brand Foundations (Branding Prep)
Website Workbook (Website Prep)
One Day Intensive Workbook
Client Portal Template (MemberVault)

Bonus 4
Private Course Podcast

Every lesson, workshop and masterclass available in audio form
All Q+A Calls uploaded and available in audio form
Feed updates automatically when there’s new content
Listen on your podcast app of choice while on the go

Obsessed with our students’ results…
At the end of this program, you will:

Know exactly what to offer, how to price it and how to sell it with ease and confidence
Know how to set up your entire tech stack and automation systems to create a seamless workflow and client experience
Know exactly what to say and do every step of the way, over the 60-90 day client journey
Know how to handle everything that could possibly go wrong with your intensive
Have clients RAVING about you and the service that you delivered
Have more free time to spend with your friends, family or even creating more scaleable digital offers!
Be able to plan WAY ahead with your schedule and know exactly how much you’re going to make every month!
You could start out like I did nearly three years ago, and piece it all together…

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