Sagi Muki – Power Judo

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Product Name: Sagi Muki – Power Judo
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Power Judo by Sagi Muki

Double Or Triple Your Strength On The Mat – Right Away: Through Technique

  • Sagi Muki – One Of The Best Athletes Alive Shows The Secrets Of Power Judo – Even If You’re Not Very Strong
  • Tap into the leverage of real judo and unleash the real power of the throw with Olympian and European Champion, Sagi Muki
  • The Israeli judo star shows how anyone can use technique to become an explosive judoka, with his battle tested grip fighting and his most effective throws
  • Learn the angles, grips, and set ups that have worked for him at the elite levels that you won’t learn anywhere else
  • Sagi Muki shows the skills and tricks that worked against the best of the best, and how you can add them into your game for huge results
  • Across this new 4-volume instructional series, you will get a full immersion into the real power behind Sagi Muki’s best trips and throws
  • Volume 1:

    Gripping – How to catch the collar

    Gripping – How to avoid a high hand Left vs Right

    Gripping – How to remove a high hand Left vs Right

    Gripping – How to break a collar grip

    Gripping – Using a cross grip to look active

    Gripping – How to make your opponent look bad

    Sode Tsurikomi Goshi with hip

    Sode Tsurikomi Goshi with the leg

    Volume 2:

    Seio Nage From Sleeve

    Seio Nage with the hip

    Osoto Gari Left vs Right

    Sode Tsurikomi Goshi Opposite Side Opponent

    Sagui Nagi Left vs Right

    Volume 3:

    Ogoshi Left vs Right

    Ogoshi Set Up Left vs Right

    Osoto Gari Left with Sode Tsurikomi Goshi Right

    Newaza – Choke from Turtle

    Newaza – Arm lock from Turtle

    Volume 4:

    Transition – Defend against Drop Seio To Choke

    Drop Seio Counter – Uchimata

    Drop Seio Counter – Version 2

    Sode Tsurikomi Goshi

    Seionage Right

    Ouchi Gari