Ryan Fletcher – StoryAthlete 28-Day Challenge

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Product Name: Ryan Fletcher – StoryAthlete 28-Day Challenge
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Ryan Fletcher - StoryAthlete 28-Day Challenge

Ryan Fletcher – StoryAthlete 28-Day Challenge

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“I knew Storytelling was the most powerful tool in the world. When I designed The Game of IODs though, I never imagined it would be the answer to so many people’s prayers, including my own…” 

Just $100 Forever Changes Your Life – You’ve Tried Everything Else. 

Everyone wants to be financially successful. This is all the #Shit that stands in their way, until, it is confronted, then conquered:
* I couldn’t more proud of the StoryAthletes who have accepted the Challenge, then achieved what had been impossible for them
** Below, you can read about their experience
Battled depression
Defeated suicide
Grown large businesses
Controlled neurosis
Lost 50+ pounds
Suffered through marathons
Destroyed the inner-critic
Got promotions
Inspired the family
Now looked up to by others
Failed and got back up
Became a voice against abuse
Stopped living a Lie
Fought PTSD and won
Thrived in being adopted
Succeeded as an Introvert
Recognized as a Leader by peers
Overcame alcoholic household
Realigned priorities
Had the courage to ask for help
Was an unflinching teammate
Stepped into the Fear
Refused to be a victim
Developed powerful routines
Refused to be a statistic
Started eating healthy
Inspired family to eat healthy
Overcame crippling insecurity
Stopped needing to impress others
Overcame a shitty father
Overcame a shitty mother

Wrote books
Became financially successful
Got back in-shape
Regained energy and life
Overcame guilt
Took off the mask
Learned to be vulnerable
Stopped fighting about money
Found Purpose
Stopped being soft
Came back from financial ruin
Woke the fuck up
Stopped being complacent
Reconnected with spouse
Reconnected with kids
Destroyed the need to be perfect

Belief is everything. A weak mind, leads to weak beliefs. Weak beliefs, leads to little to no conviction. And without conviction, well? Results don’t come to those with weak conviction.
Love it or hate it? It doesn’t matter, let’s get after it. A strong mind, paired with a strong body, makes us invincible. Body is about ownership and confidence. Not perfect abs.
This is your financial engine. It supports you. Creates opportunity. Whether it’s a profession. Startup. Or established business. It all comes down to skill and relationships.
This is about connection. Deep human connection. It only happens when the mask is dropped. And when people authentically, and unapologetically, own their stories.
“Looking back, “Fat Ryan” had become a shitty father. A selfish husband. And because I was so out-of-shape, for so-long, I didn’t realize that being lethargic had became my norm, leaving me operate at just 30 to 50% of my peak capacity.”