Ross Jeffries aka Paul Ross – Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery (DELUXE Version)

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Product Name: Ross Jeffries aka Paul Ross – Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery (DELUXE Version)
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Ross Jeffries aka Paul Ross – Secrets Of Subtle Sales Mastery (DELUXE Version)

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The Amazing “Invisible Influence” System Of A “Sales Mad Scientist” From San Diego, California That Will Quickly Blow The Roof Off Your Bottom-Line Closings, Conversions, And Sales… Or You’ll Pay Nothing!

You Will Enjoy This Incredibly Fun, Massively Powerful “Subtle Selling” Training That Will Get You Astounding Results, Live, In Print, From The Stage, Or Face To Face…Or I’ll Buy It Back From You, No Questions Asked, For Up To One Full Year!

From the desk of:
Paul Ross, The “Mad Scientist Of Subconscious Selling”

Dear Soon-To-Be Outrageously Successful Sales Master:

If you are ready to master an, off-the-wall, insanely powerful way to sell that that could easily add another 30%, 50% – even 100% – to your bottom-line within 90 days or less, I’ve got great news for you.

Here it is:

My name is Paul Ross – the “Mad Scientist” referred to at the start of this message – and I’m about to pull back the curtains on an insanely powerful, easy-to-use training I guarantee will blow the roof of your sales, quickly and easily, or you’ll pay me NOTHING.

Here is even better news: as you will see from the testimonials throughout this message, it works no matter what your industry or current level of experience.

Why is that so super-important?


It means you will very likely see big leaps in your commissions and revenue right away, no matter where you are starting from.

So, if you are ready to, among other things:

  • Activate And Awaken The Child-Like Side Of Your Prospect’s Mind That To Wants To Believe And Be Led
  • Establish Yourself As A Trusted Expert, Authority, And Guide In Your Prospect’s Mind In The First 5 Minutes Of Conversation
  • Create Virtual “Objection Amnesia” So Your Closings Increase By At Least 30%

Then buckle up and pay close attention.

Because I’m about to tell you how all of this came to be…

How I Perfected The Best, Easiest, And Most Powerful Sales System On The Planet From One Of The Most Unusual Professions In The World

Ok – now I’m going to tell you a story that, at least on the surface, maybe appear to be a little bit strange or even a little “off the rails”.

But I really need to ask you to please follow along, because the payoff for you is going to be very, very big.

Here we go:

Have you ever known a really good hearted, smart guy, who for whatever reasons just couldn’t get a date or a relationship, no matter how hard he tried or how helpful you tried to be?

Well I sure have.

Because for the past 30 years, I was a coach for thousands of guys like this – and I performed some pretty miraculous feats of transformation with them.

Now, generally speaking (and to put it in terms you would understand as a sales professional, business owner, or entrepreneur) these super-smart, otherwise highly successful guys had the following issues:

  • Very limited ability to do effective “prospect outreach”
  • Total lack of, or very poor ability, to “qualify leads”
  • Extreme fear of, and an inability to handle, “no” or “rejection”
  • Nearly non-existent communication and leadership skills for “effective presentations”

And finally…

No Effective Ways To Close The Deal And Handle Objections!

(Don’t laugh too hard – the correlation between selling and dating is a good one. Because on a date you have to make the most difficult sale in the world: yourself!)

Now believe it or not, I actually was able, most of the time, to transform these fine fellas into genuinely attractive, powerful communicators.

Indeed, many of them sent me beautiful emails about how they had gone on to find the woman of their dreams and even start families!

But then, about 15 years ago, things took an unexpected, even a bit startling twist, that changed the entire direction of what I was doing.

As a consultant in the supply chain industry, my business has seen a 6x figure increase in my sales from studying and implementing the teachings in this course.

Mishal Siddiqui Vancouver, BC

You see, I began to get emails from former students who told me they had “mapped over” everything I had taught them into the world of selling, or their professions or business.

It didn’t matter what field they were in.

It didn’t matter their level of experience.

It didn’t matter what their previous success looked like.

No, they were all CRUSHING it.

This really shook my admittedly oversize ego to the core for not seeing this potential for myself.

I got very, very mad at myself, but that quickly turned to a very nearly unhealthy obsession to create a system anyone could use to get these kinds of results and better.

So, I locked myself away in my “Mad Scientist” language laboratory where I created something which I “beta tested” and perfected with virtually everyone I could find.

Now, when I say everyone, I mean:

  • Friends who were in sales
  • Relatives who were in sales