Ron Legrand – Pretty House Terms

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Pretty House “Terms”

Ron Legrand - Pretty House Terms


Here’s The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Make Money In Real Estate Today…Without Using Your Money Or Credit…And Build A Substantial Monthly Passive Income.

With the Pretty House “Terms” Cash Flow System. you’ll learn how to get ownership of beautiful homes in neighborhoods you’ll be proud to be in. The system includes:

  • A step-by-step start up plan designed for beginners who’ve never bought a house in their life.
  • Proven, tested scripts to follow.
  • Ten things that tell you it’s a deal…before you see the house!
  • How to set up immediate income, monthly cash flow, and a final payday all from the same deal.
  • Free and low-cost marketing techniques to attract motivated sellers to call you.
  • How to handle and overcome all common seller objections.
  • How to build credibility and confidence with your seller from day one even if you’re new.
  • The 5 critical steps to success in real estate and any business and how to apply them on both the buying and selling side.
  • Make money on houses even while paying close to full retail!
  • How to focus on houses you can be in and out of quickly, that require no repairs, no rehabs, no tenants, no clogged toilets.

All this and much more without using any of your money, credit, without any previous experience, and with no license.