Roberto Cyborg Abreu – No Gi Tornado

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Roberto Cyborg Abreu – No Gi Tornado Download,off the mat to prepare with strength and conditioning, yoga, and much more…. Download Tip: You can also access “Roberto Cyborg Abreu – No Gi Tornado” download link in your account or the support team will check the order status and update the download link within hours.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu - No Gi Tornado

Roberto Cyborg Abreu – No Gi Tornado

For Roberto Cyborg Abreu – No Gi Tornado

It is your time to be a champion on the mats with this groundbreaking instructional set. In this one of a kind series you will get the secrets that cyborg has used to secure victory in ADCC, No Gi Worlds, Grapplers Quest and other tournaments.

You will also see first hand what Cyborg does off the mat to prepare with strength and conditioning, yoga, and much more.

Tornado guard DVD s

DVD 1: Sweeps
1. Tornado Set Up
2. Half Guard Switch
3. Hunting Tip
4. Telephone Arm Bar
5. Half Guard Arm Bar
6. Kimura Triangle
7. Crotch Arm Sweep
8. Half Guard Omaplata
9. Leg Sweep
10. Sweep To Back
11. Tornado Sweep
12. Tornado Triangle
13. Tornado Reverse Triangle
14. Tornado Shoulder Sweep
15. Half Guard Set Up
16. Knee Twist Sweep
17. Foot Trip Sweep
18. Half Guard Single
19. Take The Back
20. Tornado Knee Bar

DVD 2: Passing
1. Step Over Pass
2. Step Out Pass
3. Knee Push Kimura
4. Defense Back Choke
5. Rolling Toe Hold
6. Spin Kimura
7. Spin To Back
8. Movement Drill
9. Knee Slice Pass
10. Punch Pass
11. Pass To NS Choke
12. Knee To Back
13. Inverted Kick Pass
14. Tornado Drill 1
15. Tornado Drill 2
16. Tornado Drill 3
17. Tornado Drill 4
18.Tornado Drill 5
19. Tornado Drill 6
20. Mobility Drill

DVD 3: Submissions
1. Side Kimura
2. North South Kimura
3. Rolling Arm Bar
4. North South Arm Bar
5. Knee on Belly Tips
6. Knee On Belly To Triangle
7. Inverted Triangle
8. Reverse Triangle
9. Knee On Neck Choke
10.Knee On Neck Variation
11.Back Attack Tips
12.One Arm Choke
13.One Arm Choke Variation
14.Triangle From Back
15.Triangle From Back Variation
16.Arm Bar From Back
17.Arm Bar Variation

1. Yoga For BJJ
2. Strength And Conditioning For BJJ
3. Day In The Life Of The BJJ Lifestyle
4. Emerge Movement Highlight
5. Cyborg Competition Motivation Interview
6. Rolling Highlights At Fight Sports