Rob – The Note Reading Boot Camp 2.0

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Product Name: Rob – The Note Reading Boot Camp 2.0
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Rob – The Note Reading Boot Camp 2.0

Rob - The Note Reading Boot Camp 2.0

Learn How to Read Music FAST with
The Note Reading Boot Camp 2.0

A Step-By-Step Course and Practice Program, hyper-focused on transforming
you into a fast note reader in the easiest way possible – The Landmark System

Simply go from start to finish to become a fast note reader

Here’s how the course works:


Learn the Fundamentals & The Landmark System

Review the fundamentals and progressively learn
The Landmark System in high quality video lectures


Train with 3 Types of Practice Activities

Complete play-alongs, handouts, and beat-per-minute (BPM) speed trainings to solidify your note reading skills


Push Your Note Reading to Faster Levels

Finally, work on pushing your speed higher and higher with BPM Speed Exercises, until you’re reading notes really fast


Don’t let “Traditional Methods” leave you frustrated

I admit, I’m guilty.

My 1st year of teaching, I was teaching the traditional “Every Good Boy Does Fine” method.

This is where students use mnemonics to remember what notes fall on what lines and spaces like this:

I quickly found this method was horrible.

Students would come back saying,

“Every Good….what was it again?”

“Every Fine Boy Does Good? or was it Every Boy Does Fine…oh wait, that’s only 4 words!”

Don’t forget memorizing “All Cows Eat Grass” and “Good Boys Do Fine Always”

Then try taking those phrases, stare at a piece of sheet music, and translate that to your instrument.

It’s a frustrating process.

Yet almost every music teacher you go to teaches this.

And $100’s of dollars in private lessons and 3 months later…

Students quit.

Then a few months after that you forget the mnemonics because there’s no logic to it…

“Every Good…what was it again?”

Why I Created The Landmark System

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