Richard Nongard – Hypnosis for Focus, Attention & ADD

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Product Name: Richard Nongard – Hypnosis for Focus Attention & ADD
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Richard Nongard – Hypnosis for Focus – Attention & ADD

Focus, Clarity, Attention
with Professional Hypnosis
Tools for Teens & Adults

Turn disorder into order and generate new referrals by focusing on ADD/ADHD solutions.

We live in a world that creates inattention, teaches lack of focus, and primes us for a commercial every 11 minutes. Do you want to know how to reverse the impatience of today’s world? And reverse the lack of clarity teens and adults have?

I am always amazed when I get calls asking if hypnosis can help adults who cannot focus, get things done, and stick to a plan. I get the same calls asking about children. HYPNOSIS is perhaps, the best pathway to increase attention, improve focus, and help manage impulses. Hypnosis literaly rewires our responses and the approach I have used for decades is the same approach I have used in my own life, with my clients, and what the research shows actually works.

Do you want to learn how you can replicate my success in private practice? In this online learning series in our online resource center you will be able to access for different learning modules, each with multiple videos, demonstrations, PDF downloadable scripts, and even white lable audio reinforcement sessions you have mermission to distribute to your clients. This is a comprehensive training program, and I share step=by=step how I help people.

Multiple PDF scripts you and download and print
Four learning modules each with multiple video demonstrations
A printable resource guide
Real-World Strategies based on research
Step-by-Step training in techniques you can use with clients tomorrow!

Experience a Breakthrough in YOUR PRACTICE and Master These Skills That Generate Referrals

Step-By-Step Solutions for ADD/ADHD

I will show you step-by-step how to create lasting transformation with professional hypnosis and help people with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD or people who just want to stop procrastinating, get more organized, and stay focused.
Do you work with clients looking to improve peak performance states? Every aspect of attention, focus and clarity is covered in this course. In fact, you will personally benefit from the ideas in this class!

You will learn the structure of change – it will help you with new clients in hypnosis and take your confidence to new levels. Hypnosis is a proven method, and you will be learning the techniques I actually use and how I market my services.
Are you in?

AFTER THIS TRAINING, You will know….

* The RIGHT Ways to Market Hypnotic Expertise so that you can Multiply your reach to help others on a MASSIVE scale!

* How New Techniques Will Equal BIG RESULTS for YOU!