Referral Institute – Referral Mastery: The Certified Networker Program

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Product Name: Referral Institute – Referral Mastery: The Certified Networker Program
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Referral Institute - Referral MasteryReferral Institute – Referral Mastery: The Certified Networker Program

The Certified Networker Program is ideal for small business owners and sales professionals who have grown weary of time- and cost-intensive lead acquisition and cold calling. They will learn how to dramatically improve sales prospecting efficiency with proven referral marketing approaches.

The program’s customized curriculum is designed to provide business professionals with tips, tools and techniques to help them become more effective and productive business networkers. In addition, all participants leave the program with their own customized referral- based marketing business plan.

The Certified Networker Program is taught in a series of 12 interactive modules designed to give participants a complete overview of the referral marketing process along with requisite skills and a plan that insures success.

Certified Networker Training Modules

Module 1 – Know Your Purpose

Understand your business and reasons why customers choose you or your business over your competitors.

Module 2 – Standing in the Middle of a Referral
Three phases pass through your relationships for you to play a role in building your business.

Module 3 – Business by Referral
Develop relationships you have already identified as potential sources of referrals and learn to use the GAINS Profile.

Module 4 – How To Generate Referrals
Motivate your networking sources to establish and develop a business relationship.

Module 5 – Leads are Not Referrals
Identify potential sources of referrals using a five-phase system.

Module 6 – Tactics to Building Your Network’s Effectiveness
Developing a system for tracking your referral source and quality of referrals.

Module 7 – Networking for Cave Dwellers
Understand the concept of a hub firm, develop an understanding to mine a “vein” for referrals, and learn the six types of networking groups.

Module 8 – How to Give an Effective 10-minute Presentation
Deliver your presentation with style and confidence; learn how to give an effective 10- to 12- minute presentation.

Module 9 – The 10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer
You will never find a business mixer to be a waste of time again when you learn how to effectively network at these events.

Module 10 – Dynamic and Effective PR
Designing and assembling an image that generates qualified referrals.

Module 11 – Sales Manager Minute
Ensuring that your referral sources remember and reward you.

Module 12 – Keeping the FUN in Fundamentals
Learn how to effectively ask for referrals and reward those who give them to you.

Find out What People Are Saying about the Referral Institute’s Certified Networker Program

“The Certified Network Program is a must for business owners and sales professionals. Since taking the course, I have increased my sales 85% and at the same time established personal relationships that will last a lifetime.”
Eddie Drescher MDRT – Northwestern Mutual

“I found the course to be an extraordinary experience. The information was fresh and very useful and the interaction among class members was stimulating and thought provoking. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about making word-of-mouth marketing work for his or her business.”
Mark Fulton – CoachCare

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