Raquel Spencer – Next Generation Lightbody 3.0

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Product Name: Raquel Spencer – Next Generation Lightbody 3.0
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Raquel Spencer – Next Generation Lightbody 3.0

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The intention of this series is to assist you with unlocking the next level of your DNA, clearing and repairing your energy bodies, igniting the next function of your Divine blueprint and firmly anchor you into your highest timeline.

As your Light Quotient and Body Systems continue to evolve, your proficiency of accessing and utilizing the Quantum Field of Unlimited Potentials and the power of your mind to create into physical manifestation expands.

We are all at different levels of Light Quotient, frequency, emotional intelligence, physical health and well-being which determines our individual experience.

Each day you will receive the activation via email, to listen at your leisure. You can listen once, or as many times as you desire. Having an open heart and willingness to shift is all that is needed. Journaling and a healthy lifestyle are highly encouraged to enhance the work.

Unlocking the Interfaces between the Physical and Multidimensional Realms
Activating the Next Level of your Epigenetic Capability
Repair of Cellular Telomeres and Mitochondria
Upshifting the functionality of our HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal)
Initiating the Next Level of Cellular ReGenesis
Emotional Intelligence, Mental Intelligence and Emotional Innocence Upgrades

Additional Information: ​The MP3’s will be approximately 15 minutes to make it easier to fit into your schedule. To accelerate the integration, I recommend listening right before you go to sleep, unless you find the work to energizing…then follow your own heart and rhythm.  The energy will continue to work through the night.

I will also encourage you to journal during this immersion, although it’s not required. This will be to help bring unconscious energy into your awareness AND also for tapping into your innate wisdom.

It is HIGHLY recommended to maintain a clean and healthy diet during this series, including refraining from alcohol. Your body is your vehicle for anchoring this next level of Lightbody.

This energy immersion will provide a beautiful forum for deep physical and personal transformation. It’s exciting to see where this level of Multidimensional Upgrades will take you!