Raquel Spencer – Ignite Your Personal Empowerment

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Product Name: Raquel Spencer – Ignite Your Personal Empowerment
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Ignite Your Personal Empowerment – Raquel Spencer

Raquel Spencer

Light Language High Frequency Activations

Ignite Your Personal Empowerment

You will receive everything in Package A, Ignite Your Personal Empowerment,
PLUS everything in Package B, Quantum BOPP 1 Video Series.


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Raquel’s ability to articulate the multi-dimensional details of the activations within your personal matrix provides the participant with a unique and engaging experience that brings a deeper understanding of your multi-dimensional self.


Her ability to access and work with higher dimensional frequencies, Light and ancient languages, sound harmonics and more, facilitates the integration of the latest frequencies of Light into your personal matrix. This enables a stronger connection with YOUR Higher Self and higher states of consciousness.

Package A

7 Hours of High Frequency Light Activations & More


This offering helps you clear at the cellular and quantum levels, enhancing your ability to live more authentically.


Special 90 Minute Live Session – Aligning to Your Soul’s Purpose – Vernal Equinox

New Updated Daily Infusions of Light – Co-creating with your Divine Vehicle

Break free of patterns of Self Sabotage and Toxic Relationships

Expand Your Ability to Live from Your Heart Wisdom

Assistance to See, Feel, Hear and Experience Energies at a Whole New Level

This collection of four one hour mp3’s prepares your energetic and physical bodies to interpret Light as information and knowledge. These transmissions were recorded live with Light workers around the globe, providing both a group synergy and individual experience in the NOW moment for all who participate.



This collection contains the following 1 hour activation/transmissions:


Clearing Self-Sabotage

Re-patterning Out of Jealousy

Releasing Toxic Relationships & Energies

Light Streams for Co-creative Manifestation

There is no particular order to listen to these transmissions, as each is an integral part of the whole, so follow your own guidance. However, please give yourself at least 72 hours between each transmission to allow for proper integration of the energies. Each transmission should be listened to in its entirety at one time and while in a comfortable space where you will not be interrupted, if at all possible.


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