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Find Your Dream Job 2021Ramit Sethi – Find Your Dream Job 2021

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Ramit Sethi
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How to find your Dream Job


  • Even if…you don’t know what your Dream Job is yet (or if it even exists)
  • Even if…you don’t want to spend 60 hours/week at work
  • Even if…you don’t have the “right” experience on paper
  • And especially if…you don’t feel respected at work…your boss doesn’t listen when you talk…you feel worried about the future, and worst of all, you feel STUCK and HELPLESS to do something about it.

If you want to feel fulfilledsecureinspired, and most of all, valued at work…

Introducing Find Your Dream Job, a proven system to find & land a job you love.

No more waiting to “figure it out.”

No more wondering how your friend makes more than you do.

No more wasting the best years of your life and letting opportunities pass you by.


During the height of the pandemic, I accepted a new job offer with a $50K salary increase as well as a handsome equity package.”


Doubled my salary in the last five years. I went from getting a new job making $52K to my current role, which is now just above $100K.”


I went through 2 jobs and multiple coffee and dinner meetings to finally nail the job I always wanted. I now make $380K in a year.


Avoid another decade of work with nothing to show for it. It’s time to create your own Rich Life so you can do what you wantwhen you want.

Hi, I’m Ramit Sethi.

You might know me as the author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Or you might have seen me in a 6-page Fortune profile, featured in Forbes next to Warren Buffett, or as a regular guest on the Tim Ferriss podcast.

Photography by Booklight

Me in Times Square with my new book, Fortune Magazine, next to Warren Buffett in Forbes, and on the Tim Ferriss podcast

How I “cracked the code” on finding a Dream Job

I remember watching “Office Space” and thinking, “This is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen.” I do not want to end up sitting in a cubicle 40 years from now repairing printers. NO!!!

That’s why when I was in college, I started a weird hobby. I got together with a small group of friends to learn how to “beat” the interviewing process.

We interviewed at the world’s best companies — Google, McKinsey, Bain, etc. — and tested everything. Interview answers. Negotiation techniques. Even body language. Then we came back and shared our results with each other in our closed circle.

Weird, yes…but I never wanted to end up in a drab, gray cubicle. Ever.

Me, looking very debonair, my sophomore year. That summer, I landed a job as a competitive intelligence intern, competing against Stanford MBAs as a puny little undergrad.

Why do all this?

Because I was sick of reading all the standard job advice (that never seemed to actually work). You’ve heard these tips before too. Things like:

  • Adjust the font on your resume!
  • Make sure to use 1.5” margins, not (gasp) 1” margins!
  • Apply to a lot of companies! In fact, “shotgun” your resume out to dozens of companies (only to never hear back).

I would watch people doing this, constantly frustrated that it never worked…only to keep doing the same thing over and over. WHY!?!

Pretty soon, my friends and I became very, very good at landing highly competitive jobs. I’m talking about getting job offer after job offer and negotiating tens of thousands of dollars in raises.

Once we cracked the code, we got job offer after job offer.

Ultimately, I didn’t accept any of those jobs. I decided to co-found a startup called PBWiki, then I moved on to start I Will Teach You To Be Rich, where I’ve spent 15 years building a diverse team of top performers and teaching millions of readers how to live a Rich Life.

As CEO of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, I found myself on the other side of the hiring table. And I brought everything I’d learned about hiring with me.

While building my team, I quietly took notes on what the BEST candidates did…as well as all of the deal-killing mistakes that 99% of applicants made (over and over). I noted what senior candidates did that junior candidates always missed.

Now that I was sitting on the other side of the table, I could see WHY all the techniques my friends and I discovered worked.

At this point, I started sharing my system with friends to test it on people less obsessed with hiring than I was. Sure enough, one by one, they used the same steps to land 6-figure jobs, earn major promotions, get remote work, and accelerate their careers.

Now I was hooked. I made the leap. 10 years ago, I finally put everything I’d learned into a comprehensive, step-by-step program.

Find Your Dream Job was born. It was an instant hit. THOUSANDS of people joined, and I got flooded with amazing success stories from students who used my system to land their Dream Job, earn more, and enjoy amazing perks.

Now it’s your turn: Take this 30-second “Dream Job” quiz

How good — or bad — is your current job? Is it worth making a change? Let’s find out.

How many of these situations apply to you?



















How many did you say YES to?

I don’t mind if you answered YES to a couple questions. Even a Dream Job won’t be perfect.

But we found that most people answer YES to at least several of these questions — in some cases, over 6 of them! These people are very unhappy with their jobs, but they feel stuck. When you ask them what they could do about it, they respond like this:

“I don’t know…I just feel stuck and I’m not sure what else —”

Notice what’s happening here.

Most people can’t even think of a solution. They simply feel smothered — or stuck — by their problem. It’s like asking a drowning person what they plan to eat for lunch.

This is how they feel for most of their 40+ year careers.

Guys…this is not normal.

I believe that our future is bigger than our past.

And I believe if we truly want a Dream Job, we can get it. I did it, I’ve helped thousands of people get it, and if you want to make a change, this page is for you.

Let’s start with a 30,000-foot review…

6 invisible scripts holding you back

Looking for a job isn’t fun. It can be scary, overwhelming, boring, nerve-wracking. And that’s when it’s going well! A job search actually dredges up a lot of deep and confusing feelings we’d rather ignore (like…“What am I doing with my life?”).

I always start with the psychology. Because I can give you the perfect tactics — hell, I can even fly to your house and coach you myself — but until you understand your own inner psychology, you’ll always be stuck.

So let’s do this together. I’m going to show you 6 “invisible scripts,” or unconscious beliefs that some people have.

As you read, take a hard look to see which of these apply to you.


“My job isn’t that bad…”

Maybe this is the best there is. Maybe I’m overreacting. Do I really need to look for another job? My job isn’t terrible. Not every day is supposed to be great…right? Some people have it worse. Shouldn’t I be grateful to even have a job?”


“I don’t know what my Dream Job even is.”

I don’t know what my passion is. I have too many passions. I don’t want to close the door on anything. I don’t have a passion at all. And for the thing I actually like doing…there’s no money in it!”


“I need to figure it out.”

I just need to figure it out. Maybe tomorrow…”


“I don’t have enough experience.”

How am I supposed to get experience if nobody will give me a shot? Who actually gets these jobs? Am I just stuck in this role for the next 10 years?”


“Is it too late?”

I can’t get a job because I’m too old. Who’s going to hire me? I wish I’d chosen a different career in my 20s.”


“Ugh, I don’t like networking / interviewing / negotiating.”

I never know what to say. And even if I’m lucky enough to get the interview, I never get the job. I’m an introvert. I can’t think on my feet like some other people.”

The solution is not to ignore these scripts. THEY’RE REAL! And they make us feel uncomfortable for a reason. If you let them, these scripts will define your career and success.

You’ll get stuck…you’ll stall…and worst of all, they’ll force you to settle.

The haunting reality of “settling” for your job

Most people start their careers eager to work — eager to accomplish something. We’re willing to put in the time if we know there’s a reward at the end of the tunnel!

We want to make an impact. We want to make more, learn more, and do meaningful work.

And we want the rewards, too. We want to earn enough to live a Rich Life, one where we’re not constantly stressed about every single thing we buy. I want to be able to take a weekend getaway. I want to be able to pick up the tab for the people I love. And sometimes, I want to buy something nice for myself just because.

And most people are actually willing to work hard to get this!

That’s how a lot of careers started. (Did it start that way for you?)

In the first few years, if you’re ambitious and smart — and with a little luck — you’ll probably be able to achieve some level of success. A promotion or two. A raise.

You start to be able to do small things for yourself. You splurge for the guac at Chipotle.

Taco Bell vs Chipotle: Is this the pinnacle of your success?

Photography by Famartin

But by the time you reach your 30s, you can start to see people’s career paths diverge: Some people keep rising. And some stop.

Some people settle. No, I didn’t really want to do this…and I don’t love the lifestyle…but it’s a job, right?

Some people hit the “Chipotle level” and stay there for the rest of their lives. They can do something nice once in a while — but that’s about it. They’re stuck in the middle.

And isn’t Chipotle fine, anyway? Most of us have pretty good lives. We can watch HBO Max, we can get food delivered via Postmates, and we can see our friends.

But I want options. To do more, travel more, experience new things. To live a life of adventure, not to limit myself at guacamole.

We settle. And we can notice the clues in our own careers:

  • How do you feel on Sunday afternoons? Are they just a slow, depressing countdown to Monday and the boring week ahead?
  • Do you consider yourself lucky to get a tiny raise every couple years?
  • When someone asks, “How’s work?” do you answer back with a depressing answer? (The most common: “It’s a job” or “Work’s work”…[sigh])

There’s a name for this.

How to find a Dream Job that’s perfectly right for you

I’m glad you’re still with me. Since you’ve decided to make a change, now let’s talk options.

If I asked you what your Dream Job looked like, which of these would you choose?


More money, more responsibility, more opportunities. New challenges. But it takes a lot of work.


Sometimes we don’t want to prioritize work #1 — we want balance. We want more flexibility, more personal time, more family time. We want a flexible schedule with more control over our time.


There are points where we want to make a huge change and completely reinvent ourselves. We want to switch industries. We want to finally pursue the thing we absolutely love. It might set us back a few years, but it’s worth it.

Which one are you?

Just one simple question, but can you see how radically different this approach is?

  • There are points in our life where we want to grow — we’re willing to put work #1 and we want the work, the promotion, the pay increases.
  • There are other times where we want to prioritize lifestyle and work/life balance.
  • And still other times where we might want to completely reinvent ourselves.

Your Dream Job perfectly fits your life TODAY.

And when your life changes again in a few years — you have kids, your kids go to school, you move, your parents get older — you can change to a role or job that’s right for you then. This approach gives you the freedom to change your mind as time goes on.

We will show you the intricate details of this in the Find Your Dream Job program.

If you want to prioritize getting a job that pays you $10,000 more, we’ll show you exactly how.

Or if you want to focus on a job that lets you travel for 45 days/year so you can take long ski trips, we’ll show you how.

Your Dream Job, like your Rich Life, should be YOURS — not your friends’, not your family’s.

This is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from how most people approach their careers.

Most people are passive, reactive. They apply to “any job” they can find. They take what their boss gives, often crumbs, and try to feel grateful that they got that much.

You can be grateful for having a job, even a decent job, and STILL PUSH for a better one.

The best people insist on working for a Dream Job. They don’t stick with a “good enough” job — certainly not for years at a time.

Introducing the Find Your Dream Job Playbooks

We’ve pioneered a new way to give you even more material to find and land your Dream Job. We call them Dream Job Playbooks.

The old way: In the past, other programs gave you an exhausting list of videos, PDFs, and cobbled-together “bonus material.” It was easy to log in and be impressed by the quantity of information, but where do you start?

The new way: We reinvented career training from the ground up. Each Dream Job Playbook is a completecurrent, and step-by-step SYSTEM for accomplishing a major milestone in finding and landing your Dream Job.

For example, if you want to know about interviewing, use the Dream Job Playbook on interviewing, which includes advanced techniques for standing out, word-for-word answers to the toughest interview questions, step-by-step instructions for what to do before and after the interview, and videos of actual hiring managers sharing how they hire and interview.

No other program gives you this level of specific detail.

No other program includes such an in-depth collection of strategies, tactics, and psychology.

  • Inside the Dream Job System
  • Discover Your Dream Role
  • Discover Your Dream Company
  • Build a VIP Network
  • The Perfect Resume & Cover Letter
  • Land Multiple Interviews
  • Perfect Interviewing: Get the Offer
  • Negotiate Salary & Surprising Perks
  • Hidden Perks at Your Current Job
  • Remote Work & Virtual Interviews

I think you’ll be surprised at how much artisanal work went into every Playbook…long before you ever see it publicly. Behind Find Your Dream Job is 10+ years of research, development, testing, iteration, and improvement.

I want to give you a sample of what’s in a few of these Playbooks:


Inside the Dream Job SystemHow Top Talent find and land the best jobs

  • EVERYTHING that separates Top Talent from Average Applicants — and how you can do the same
  • The top 5 job search mistakes most people make over and over (how many are you making?)
  • Which job search steps are critical (and often overlooked) and which are minutiae you can stop worrying about
  • How most Top Talent land their Dream Jobs despite being far from the best candidate on paper — and other tricks most “career coaches” won’t tell you

The uncommon roadmap to finding a job you love

How the Dream Job System works

Psychology secrets of top candidates

How to personalize your Dream Job search

Don’t make these 5 unconscious job search mistakes


Discover Your Dream RoleFind REAL jobs that match your IDEAL job

  • How to make your career ambitions specific, crisp, concrete — and achievable (most people fail because they have no idea what this looks like)
  • The “Window Shopping Strategy” for rapidly finding jobs that could be a great fit for you
  • Save time: How to organize and streamline your job search
  • “But I want to keep my options open” and other traps to avoid

“How do I find out what my Dream Job even IS?”

Window Shopping: 3 steps to your ideal job title

“I don’t know what I’m passionate about”


Discover Your Dream CompanyDon’t take a job anywhere. Find the perfect company for you.

  • As many as 80% of jobs are snatched up before they’re advertised. This is the Shadow Market. We’ll show how to find and land these unlisted jobs
  • 2 ways to find high-paying, unlisted jobs — even if you don’t have a network or tons of time
  • How to use The Street Technique to find “hidden gem” companies you’d love working at

Inside the secret world of unannounced jobs

Hidden gems: Find the best companies for you

“What if my dream company isn’t hiring?”


Build a VIP NetworkHow to get backdoor referrals to unannounced jobs…even if you don’t have a network

  • Our Multi-Touch Strategy to make sure you never go into a “cold” interview again
  • Do you know how to get information that’s not public — what’s happening in your industry, the best new job opportunities, and the inside scoop about what companies and hiring managers are looking for? I’ll show you
  • How to find experts who are happy to help you (even if you don’t know anyone yet)

Demystifying the art of networking

How to get unannounced jobs

“What if I don’t know anybody to talk to?”

“What if I hate networking?”


The Perfect Resume & Cover LetterHow to craft resumes and cover letters that land you interviews

    • The 4 things that all GREAT resumes have. Not good resumes…GREAT resumes
    • Use my Narrative Resume Builder to take your resumes from boring to interesting to door-opening “I gotta talk to this person” good
    • Little known copywriting tricks for getting your cover letters read by hiring managers
    • An unusual trick to stop TELLING and start SHOWING in your cover letter
    • The most important part of any cover letter, which starts before you ever sit down to write

Watch me write an amazing cover letter

How to create your perfect resume

Makeover: “I don’t know what to put on my resume.”

“How do I address an employment gap?”


Land Multiple InterviewsHow to be first in line to multiple interviews at top companies

    • How to avoid the resume Black Hole of Doom. I’ll show you a better way to apply to jobs you’re interested in
    • Why the VIP Application lets you sidestep Average Applicants and gives you an unfair advantage in interviews
    • Word-for-word scripts to help you “skip the line” and be the first candidate they consider

How top candidates “skip the line” to the interview

First in line: Make your resume stand out

“What if I don’t fit all the job requirements?”


Perfect InterviewingGet the offer

  • My technique for closing $10K, $20K, even $50K raises (no typo) — tested with thousands of students — including detailed examples and analysis
  • Find out if you’re unconsciously displaying dozens of Competence Triggers that signal you’re a top candidate (you should be)
  • Our Perfect Interviewing Cheat Sheet for answering any interview question — even if they ask one you didn’t expect

Behind an $80,000 raise: Advanced interviewing techniques

Smooth interviewing: How to craft perfect answers

6 interviews, can’t close the deal. What’s wrong?

“What if I got fired from my last job?”


Negotiate Salary & Surprising PerksHow to ask for more money — word for word — and get it

  • “I want more money, but I’m not sure how to justify it.” I’ll show you the exact research methods you can use to get clear on what you want — and how to justify it with real data
  • Introducing Advanced Negotiation Power Dynamics: The 9 levers you can use to walk into any negotiation ready to ask your worth
  • How to use the Negotiation A.R.M.S. Technique to overcome any objection a hiring manager may give you about your raise

The hidden psychology of negotiation

The $10k conversation: Master salary negotiation

Manager Confessions: How to ask for more money

“What else can I negotiate besides salary?”

Included: Over 50 detailed and actionable worksheets, scripts, and templates

Find Your Dream Job is about action.

It’s about giving you turnkey solutions and making finding your Dream Job as easy and fast as possible.

That’s why we packed the program with:

  • Detailed and actionable bonuses
  • Word-for-word scripts
  • Pre-written answers to tough questions
  • Juicy questions you can use in any interview
  • Resume teardowns
  • Winning proposals
  • Real career roadmaps

I even included the resume I used to land job offers at Google, Intuit, and more.

Frankly, there are just too many of these worksheets and tools to list. That’s a good problem to have.