Raghee Horner – Ultimate Day Trading Strategy

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Product Name: Raghee Horner – Ultimate Day Trading Strategy
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Raghee Horner – Ultimate Day Trading Strategy

Raghee Horner - Ultimate Day Trading Strategy

Discover the strategy for trading just 4 days a week
The “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy” is the essential method for higher, faster gains used by veteran trader Raghee Horner.
Here’s something traders are searching for… that epiphany, or “ah-ha” moment to jumpstart their trading.
So many traders tell the story of how the market turned life upside down this year.
Yet, they don’t want things to go back to “normal.”
They don’t want to go back to the “daily grind.”

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They want more time and freedom to enjoy what really matters. The problem is, they’re glued to their charts all day and stressed about their rapidly shrinking account balance.
Here’s an option: the “two-hour workday.”
This strategy is nimble and allows for actually sleeping at night. That’s because you only trade two hours a day and then you’re flat. And yet the profit potential is astonishing…
Here’s a screenshot of a $4,000 day…
That’s $2,000 per hour in a super-short “two-hour workday.”
That’s trading three contracts in the E-mini S&P futures.
However, to be very clear…
The same strategy also applies to stocks, options, and ETFs.
The market’s ‘sweet spot’ is there every day
The market — futures, stocks, options, ETFs — doesn’t matter…
And you definitely don’t need a huge account either…
The key is sizing positions, and avoiding drawdown (even in a volatile market).
This is a gamechanger…
If you want to reimagine what’s possible with your trading and develop a simple lifestyle trading plan, look no further for an epiphany than the “Ultimate Day Trading Strategy.”
This complete training system allows you to discover:
The powerful 2-hour ‘morning pattern’ responsible for 10x gains in 45 days
How to exploit this special ‘profit window’ with stocks, ETFs, options or futures
Why Raghee has NEVER, EVER blown out an account in 30+ years
Raghee’s proven trading plan for exploiting this pattern just 4 days a week
Case Studies: How Raghee banks $3K+ gains in 75 minutes (or less)
Raghee’s Ultimate Day Trading watchlist for stocks, futures, and ETFs
How to always keep your account growing in up or down markets
Raghee’s proven trading plan for $500 to $5K intraday winners

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