Rafael Lovato Jr – Guard Mastery

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Product Name: Rafael Lovato Jr – Guard Mastery
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Guard Mastery by Rafael Lovato Jr

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Here is everything you get when you order Rafael Lovato Jr’s Guard Mastery DVD Training Program:

  • 5 Full Length DVD Discs – 74 Videos – Over 6 Hours of Content – Breaking Down Rafael’s Complete Guard System.
  • Get Rafael’s entire tournament winning guard system that will enable you to set up sweeps, transitions and submissions from all the most popular guard positions.
  • The “Never Before Revealed” secrets to Rafael’s guard success: Dominate – Control – Finish Formula that makes envy of all your training partners, when you start submitting and dominating guys who used to pass your guard. Have confidence in a effectively devastating guard game.

In the Guard Mastery Full Length DVD set you will learn how to effectively and instantly add a completely dazzling array of effective guard positions to your game including:

  • Closed Guard, Spider Guard, Cross Collar Guard, Z Guard, Lapel Control, De La Riva Guard, Shin to Shin Guard, X Guard, Reverse X Guard, Plus Many More variations of the guard for you to add to your game.
  • The Guard Mastery DVD set is designed for BJJ fighters of All Levels. From White to Black belt, Rafael’s teaching style will give you the ability to easily absorb this content and add it to your game immediately after watching it.
  • Free Digital Download included in your order. Your download link will be immediately emailed to you as soon as you purchase.
  • The Guard Mastery 5 Disc set is grounded in building the skill set to develop a well rounded guard and having the ability to set up dominant positions and use them to finish the fight.