Project City – The Pitch Series 2022

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Project City - The Pitch Series 2022.Project City – The Pitch Series 2022

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Project City

Learn about the fundraising and pitching process for your original ideas.


These 3 workshops are designed to go over the pitching process as well as the independent fund raising process of creating your own original idea.

Each workshop is 1.5 hour lecture plus 1.5 hour Q&A.


  • all lectures live through Gotowebinar.
  • Links to lectures bottom right red pages bar.
  • Recordings available after in the same red pages bar bottom right.
  • $45 individual or $120 for all three workshops.

Crowd Investing your Project

Dec 18 Sat 10 am PDT with Manuel Godoy

Manuel Godoy will teach you the keys to operating independently through the power of the crowd. After raising a million dollars and having a top 1% earning Patreon account, the advice given is proven with undeniable numbers. Are you ready?

Pitching a movie

Dec 4 Sat 10 am PDT with Maggie Kang and Rad Sechrist

Maggie and Rad have collectively pitched and sold multiple projects to major animation studios – both TV and feature.

Want to pitch your own show? There’s a few things you should consider and questions you should ask yourself even before you prep your pitch. In this workshop we will go over our process for developing and prepping pitches.

— SURPRISE! We are complete opposites and our process is different! There’s no one way to develop a show or create a pitch. Every project is different and every artist is different – as you will see in Maggie’s process vs Rad’s process.

Pitching a tv series

Dec 11 Sat 10 am PDT with Eric Robles

With my 26 years of professional animation experience, please allow me to share how I personally create and present animation bibles and pitches for the animation industry. These techniques have allowed me to develop and sell TWO animated series for both Nickelodeon Animation and Netflix.

Along with these techniques, I will be discussing how to take your idea beyond the concept and teach you how I personally explore the development of my characters and their worlds.

These important steps can be applied to any project you are looking to develop and allow you to start your journey off in the right direction.

Whether you are developing for a specific medium (e.g., animated series, movie, short, video game, comic, or novel) you will be able to adapt these lessons to your projects and take them to the next level. I look forward to being your instructor in this Master Class experience.


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