Project 24 – Income School 2022

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Product Name: Project 24 – Income School 2022
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Project 24 – Income School 2022

About Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer

Unlike other courses I review, the Income School founders are open about their business (current and past) and personal lives. This makes their brand so popular in the industry and is why I’m dedicating this short section to their backgrounds.

jim harmer and ricky
Ricky (left) and Jim (right)

Believe it or not, these guys are not siblings (I thought they were for the longest time anyway).

About Ricky

Here are a few interesting things about Ricky:

  • He worked as an engineer at a manufacturing plant.
  • He has an engineering degree and an MBA.
  • He’s also worked as a marketing analyst, Project Manager (according to his LinkedIn profile), and Product Manager.
  • He’s a father of four.

I relate most to Ricky as I also went through engineering school and got a job at a marketing agency when I quit my first career. On his About page, Ricky explains that his job position never fulfilled him, and he always dreamed about working for his own company.

He eventually partnered with Jim, got laid off from his job, worked on Income School part-time until Project 24 was launched in 2018, and left his day job.

About Jim

  • Jim was a struggling college graduate stocking shelves at a dollar store in 2009.
  • He’s a father of three.
  • He eventually started his niche site in the photography space.
  • Around the same time, he finished law school and became an attorney.
  • His first website became so successful it earned him more than what he’d make practicing law.

Jim’s late-night shifts were stocking shelves and listening to make money online podcasts before Income School.

His photography site would be the first of many successful affiliate sites he’d create that would eventually make him an “overnight success.” In 2015, he teamed up with Ricky.

Jim and Ricky are the geniuses behind Income School’s success. They share some great tips and tricks about affiliate niche sites on their YouTube channel. However, you get access to their proprietary process of creating successful sites that make passive income in their course Project 24.

Major Update: In 2021, Jim exited the Income School team to focus on a separate business Backfire. He’s still good friends with Ricky, but it was time for him to move on. You’ll still find him in the course content.

The Income School Team

In recent years, Jim and Ricky have expanded the Income School team by hiring multiple employees. There are dozens of behind-the-scenes employee that work full-time, but two that you’ll get familiar in their content is Nathan Aydelotte and Freddy Betzold.

nathan barry

Nathan is Income School’s customer success manager and teaches course material.

keyword golden ratio

Freddy is a manager at Income School. He also teaches course lessons in Project 24.