Pat Flynn – Video Podcasting Playbook

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Product Name: Pat Flynn – Video Podcasting Playbook
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Pat Flynn - Video Podcasting Playbook

Pat Flynn – Video Podcasting Playbook

Your Instructor
Hi! I’m Pat Flynn. Thanks for being here, and thanks for taking the smart approach to starting your business!

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a blog and podcast at Smart Passive Income, where I put myself and my businesses on the line, running experiments and trying new things so that I can report back to you! This is why I call myself “the crash test dummy of online business”.

I believe in honest, transparent, lead-by-example principles that I teach not only to my students and those who follow me online, but more importantly, my kids (3 and 6).

Cheers, thanks again for being here, and I appreciate you!

Course Curriculum

StartWelcome (8:23)
StartLesson 01: Why Video Podcasting? (10:39)
StartLesson 02: Who Should (or Shouldn’t) Video Podcast? (6:46)
StartLesson 03: Styles and Formats (44:46)
StartLesson 04: Recording Best Practices (22:44)
StartLesson 05: Publishing Best Practices (14:23)
StartLesson 06: Video Podcast Promotion (7:03)
StartLesson 07: What Does Success Look Like? (1:57)
StartLesson 08: Live Q&A (17:07)