Optionpit – Options for Stock Traders

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Options Trading for Stock Traders


Saturday, January 17, 2015 – 8:30am


SKU: Directional Primer

The Best Course for Stock Traders to Learn to Use Options

You might NEVER buy or sell a stock again

“Learn how to put the odds of trading on your side, learn to profit from options even when you are wrong, and especially when you are right!”

Sign Up for the stock options trading course every stock, futures, swing or day trader should take…

Option Pit’s Stock Option Trading Primer: January 17th 9:30 ET.

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Video Replay of Options for Stock Traders

Video Replay of Using Volatility to Trade For Direction:

This Special Course will give traders actionable tools to trade Options for Direction

Many traders are astounded to learn that there are ways to use optoin to change the odds of directional opiton plays from a coin flip to a high odds, high pay out play WITHOUT risking catastrohpic loss on a large market move.

In this 3+ hour primer Mark Sebastian Founder of Option Pit and Andrew Giovinazzi C.O.O. of Option Pit teach traders:

Make more profits risking fewer dollars

Master the replacement of stock with options

Learn how to use options to execute swing and day trades

Ramp up profits with credit and debit spreads

Spot market tops and market bottoms

Execute high probability trades in volatility

Management the risk associated with the buying and selling of options

Avoid the pit falls of many option traders in trading optoins for direction


Mark Sebastian: Founder

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